Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rattle of Hummers Series Verses Parallels Pitch Battle

The choice of A with its treasured measure, what, arbitrarily selected? There is such a thing as the resonant frequency of an emitting and receiving body. How can one tell? Whoops there goes another one, another Monty Python skit, another wine glass has shattered into a multitude of itsy bitsy polka dot bikini pieces. Life in the froth and bubble where photons hit the barrier between two slits w-rapping around unknown islands of stability an event which sees the rush through of waves in series yet the categorical imperative flows in parallels, such that there is a peril, which creates an interference pattern where one of either two conditions are met. One wave after another behave in that identical fashion dear fascist fashionistas. Either null and void each other one hundred percent cancel out each other or double up upon each other at the other extreme. Note please the shape drawn is a series of  hyperbola's. Hyperbolic geometry has one important property in that it establishes a priori its definition of unity a subject very few know much about, unless that is, they complete a long, a difficult, a grueling journey up that extremely high mountain where consciousness is conscientiousness, that place where of promises for fulfillment are gained that few if any will ever get too. One must get ones head around moire' patterns to see that which here is meant. n-joy=peat <3


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Truth will set you free

With Truth we do arrive at ambiguity via the way called "Theories Of Meaning" TOM being its acroprop, whoops, so sorry acronym its "Cat of 9 tails" slashed across our backs, the whelp marks being clearly visible in the in-terror-gate-ion of actors actions in these nine words --- who, for whom, to whose benefit, what, when, where, how, why and which one caused the case where (sorry, i am repeating myself) the distinction between "US and THEM" to it: TRUTH! Variables as to opinion belief and knowledge via propositional stances  or  non-propositional stances V Foundational via mentalist and non-mentalist stances and the various differences in "BEG TO DIFFER" via local or private verses universally accepted meaning conventions in club politics or game rules, which ask the question what are the rules of the game and who is brave enough to face up to the consequences of each and every actors actions? What is meant by club? We have all been dealt the same pack of cards but when five aces appear on the table in a poker game, expect a fight with a cheat or the flight of the cheat or the frozen with fear expectation of that cheat when his pre-conditioned responses take hold. Units of measure being arbitrarily assigned is a real issue not a trivial issue which is the current state of affairs with the subjects named popularly as logic, grammar and rhetoric which the scolastic philosophers called the trivium. We know but 4% of the material that composes that is founded this universe and the vast majority know nothing about nor have even heard of the term quadrivium except to say what the media told them what happened yesterday, today and tomorrow about stock market arithmetic, building industry home seller geometry, astronomical events AstroTurf me out illogical and last but not least the stellar carers of the musicological where so it seems Bieber and the barber paradox and Lady Ga Ga and the gaggle of geese who follow her, rule the world and the dark side of the moon gets forgotten as being Pinks answer to the questions proposed by Sun-Ra about alien invasions while we play computer games on our PlayStation's called alien invasion. "The sun is in tune but everything is eclipsed by the moon"

John Gronski Find a party that truly espouses limited government, rather than one that talks about it. While you're at it, find one that understands that a cut in spending entails more than merely reducing the rate of spending growth.

Not so stupid John Gronski however as growth in the population increases to infinity, the members contained within the boundaries are going to find that the space available for development is the LIMIT. The number of members is increasing and the American dream was not just sold to the US of A but the entire globe via the entertainment industry. I live in Australia and Harold Holt in the mid sixties is famous for the quote "All the way with LBJ" the connotations of which are impredicable if not unpredictable. But wait I digress back to the issue with a tissue which is the problem I call "MINE TO DUMP" Limited available means, implies poverty and restricted supply of resources do they not? Here in Au. the average mortgage entails a spend OF approx 20% of their income for the right to say "I OWN A HOUSE" according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I know for a fact some poorer people pay near to 50% since the statistics represent average incomes which are disproportionally higher than actually observed by the average manual worker. Where is this headed you ask. Reducing the rate of spending growth for limited available resources entails doing some sums. Inflationary pressure is thus tabled. For when supply exceeds demand prices fall and vice versa when inverted. Get IT? The law of supply and demand is as old as history itself. Each and every government limits land supply to keep the prices either steady or rising, for to do otherwise results in deflationary pressures where people wait to buy to receive a lower proportion of spend via their attitude toward thrift. Thus for the Government of any nation to reduce its rate of spending while being considered as being thrifty entails that someone is going to be deprived of a loss of income in that nifty but thrifty attitude. Where now does this lead us? It leads us to "GIVE + TAKE = UNITY" I am happy that you are happy with the price and the trade as given. I will not be in servitude to you for the rest of my life for the means of sustanance and covering. But wait food supply and land supply are ongoing issues with tissues of lies attached in relation to dependancies upon others to say YES to supply. The government regulatory authorities claim ownership of the mineral resources beneath the land surface and air space is granted to both airlines and radio frequencies which the government intends to profit from and which the people depend upon for the production via the process of refinements from earth bound chemicals to manufacture product in the abstract or ontological fact one endures in the span of usage of the said product say car tv, computer till it returns to the ground as rusted dust. So "MINE TO DUMP" IS VALID IN TWO SENSES WHEN YOU GET MY DRIFT MY MEANING.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Supply_and_demand#History

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Friday, February 15, 2013

crow call enduring one crowded hour

atheism is to religion as rules are to politicians --- relegate is to dictate to the secretary the words to type --- re leg it out of here fog horn leg horn was the name of a cartoon carton of roosters ---- cock a doodle do at 3 am in the morning after a night on the turps is rarely welcomed ---- seems that darwinism verses creationism says it saw the evidence and told the story --- wild attempt of the ministry of truth of the year of our lord one thousand nine hundred and eighty four --- of orwellian proportions was animal farm and how I shot an elephant ---- the aleph ant is in the room as bull is to china shop all that shocking news ---- sure did scare the mice like men who scrambled up the ropes of the ships like thieves do at night with colonialism --- left such a wonderful legacy for the children to hear as stories on the tv each sunrise noon and sunset doing high fives over the television --- from cradle to grave manufacturing on and into it from mine to dump from mine to dump around and round in vortexial circles riding on their water cycle--- hydrogen fuels the load of dust that you can say you own as a will---- looking forward to a dump where the garbage cabbage patch rotten kids in the rubbish bin walks itself to the tip --- i never ever saw one thing move with out a vow with out a will without the use of voluntary powers or volition --- take note a votes a vow to serve the nation in peace of war thus the only way to go is to all be members of the plane called earth as it exhibits an exceedingly strong tendency to have us travel in a spiral around galactic central railway station at speeds that on a freeway one would get one very arrested jailed and sentenced to life imprisonment for treason of the state or apostacy of religion which one could in never ever never ever land say one is guilty of being perjured --- put your self in the shoes of the man who proved his innocence and paid at the same time the ransom from this sentence of death placed upon man since eden --- pascals wager was made and he took that hook line a sinker yet jansenism was denied credability by the so called universal church --- no wonder there are athiests all the christians have been eaten by the pagen lions --- planets sun moon and stars named after pagan gods --- conservative party members will object that is resist the change of name pretty much the same way they objected to pluto being rejected as a planet when proof is in the pudding the sixpence was present --- pluto is not a sphere not enough material present for gravitas to draw it into the next to perfect shape of our obloid spheroid home --- why all those corridors of rivers from which the waters flow into the sea from the water shed are not the borders beats me to a pulp does the common sense of that one idea like a rooster c would have crowing at 3am after a night upon the turps --- annoying that no one thought it a good idea any sooner since it would of saved us all a lot of wars and heartaches --- what was that doxology at the end of the mountain sermon ???? do you remember something about forgiveness and the kingdom come ???  yay no more passports no more entry visas "God is LOVE" n-joy = for peats sake <3

Saturday, January 26, 2013

five peatantic peoms commemerating cook

How are you feeling Peter? So said the Update status.
When the term of endearment called compassion is in.
Where then is it if and when the attributions are in us?
What domain of interest bearing ore deposits form bin?

Morale or moral or mortal in more punishment in ask.
Character development proved to be from nailed you.
Cuneiform seraphs prove to have interrupted our task.
Bang bang Nimrod engineers hung by gambles so blue.

Power plays where choice is contained via prescription.
Measure by Apothecaries aesthetically defined in beauty.
Of the wound that wound one up in a vampire bed coffin.
Death sentences I note are common to all not just auntie.

Reciprocity failure is where we have proved to be not.
Arrangements via argument over laws a Gordian knot.


Mr chip chirping in the fryer is that an offence?
Fence that which keeps the sheep from wolves.
Law is a fence that is a free get of jail cadence.
Atomic periodic tables photons electric hooves.
Merry merry circular definition view of one point.
Festival Halls where Fester our clowns on stage.
Where one mans joke is at the expense of oink.
Pigs paradise con fed ER ate Ed you Kate Ed rage.
Scansion sorry no scansion in that mad last line.
Does not read right then such is life for poetry.
Hung drawn quartered by act of chancery so fine.
Found Under Carnal Knowledge etymology in try.
Cryptic crossword puzzle to muzzle war dogs raw.
Meat road kill vultures torture stake Christ so sore.

Who found this continent with what crook did Cook?
Bishophoric clocks with H1 and H2 like C3PO R2D2.
What the deleted expletive are you on old clark look.
Taxonomy is the naming convention from Linnaeus.

Historical account books opened as to the law of torts.
Subject headings few of the members of OZ know of.
Centrelink proved to be breadbasket for poor old farts.
Like rebel me to others freedom fighter terrorist of oz.

Plane against the grain if you want a rough job done.
Ways of life of wanderers with cameras taking shots.
Pot shots at politicians that is like Jed Clampett won.
Oil that is and off we go to holy would be if its knots.

That grind at the stomoch look cannibals eat ones kids.
Goats head soup battering Rams it happens diddle dids.

Well send me packing then since the wells been poisoned.
What fence is drawn what line in the sands of time is glass?
Who knows the evening NEWS is North East South West?
Where in and wherefore lies stinky burial of Truth In Art?

Cross are you that dared I to be critical of belief in flags?
So you are an expert in studies of culture dear old vulture?
Sorry Day forces natives to pay for what's stolen UH HUH?
Fences draw a boundary line where included exclude many.

Not happy sunshine about being required to ask the question.
Rare Earth material resources where old Thorium is so found,
Perhaps some of you if and when you found a bar will drink.
The water that is heated by the hot metal rod and think it beer.

I owe I owe so off to work I go a tra la la la la la land too far.
Seven servant dwarfs every seven days sleeping beauty paid.

Rock n' Roll again and again for gain from the washing machine cycle.
Moral Dilemma of lemmings overcrowding running to find dear old cliff.
Popped up and got in the way and look mum we are outside the flags.
Humour me dear Whats On the page with your rage outrageous fortune?
Cookie monster dilemma over the morale of the troops on Cooks ship.
Who went kind like Lord Haw Haw did to the Brits except whoops Hawaii.
And now I have to deal with Hawai the supplier of Virgin Mobile DCom exploits.
Buffer overloads whatever that means all I know is somethings just not right.
So if and when you can follow this story then swallow the two pills for advice.
Vice clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds rule number 364 point two five.
Four vivid seasons and Vivaldi playing on an LP at Dicks from sun water beds.
The year 1974 and there was a flood and a stack of cookies in the tin pot men.
In summary futility is where we see power plays from celebrity culture vultures.
They like to give us all very good advice that neither they nor us do follow.


Monday, January 14, 2013

frypan oil spilt on fire diner burnt down

And that sums up the journey mankind made since the Garden of Eden or paradisaical walled gardens does it? Same problem with every single one of the very rough and tough calculations made by the men, not in your life to invent for you ladies, the tumble dryer or any other time saving device. A lot has been found during the near too, say catch 2.2 million days since. Out of the frying pan and into the fire. Simple command do not eat from the death tree if you do you will be denied access to the life tree as a simple paraphrase of the popular translations policies terminology. If the man in your life was God and you said he was not, that makes you better than God. If so then, please part or walk on the waters, heal the sick, raise the dead and bruise the serpent of deceit in the head. We will say thank you, for that and forever after, that rafter is from your eye extracted, since then there will be no more suffering nor outcry of pain forevermore, the former things will have passed away, never to be recalled to mind and we have found the news heavens and the new earth in the gravitas of this horizon. Take all the whole numbers that exist in the linear dimension and no prizes for guessing that 1/2 of them are divisible by 2 all the way up the line we are all relatives in the flesh but not yet of one spirit.

== 2.2 Identity Propositions and Significant Assertion ==

 The distinction between the intension (or connotation) and extension (or denotation) of names was widely acknowledged by nineteenth century logicians. But the distinction was applied, as a rule, to general names, not proper names. With regard to proper names, logicians generally sided with John Stuart Mill in holding that they lack connotation. Keynes, for example, writes that proper names are “non-connotative”—that is, “their application is not determined by a conventionally assigned set of attributes” (Keynes 1906, 42).

 Jones's “New Law of Thought”—the law of significant assertion—incorporates the distinction as follows.

The Law of Significant Assertion:
 Any Subject of Predication is an identity of denotation in diversity of intention. (Jones 1910–11: 169; 1911, 2)"


If I am allowed to speak here someone is going to go eek. Original research is not allowed I am led to believe in Wikipedia articles. The lack of confirmation via peer review networks not being present in a case as presented for review by an accepted committee is not present in the following formulation. We are in some rather heady and heavy material in the above with Mill and Keynes being in agreement that "proper names" lack connotation, a proposition which I assert is in error.

""A proper name [is] a word that answers the purpose of showing what thing it is that we are talking about" writes John Stuart Mill in A System of Logic (1. ii. 5.), "but not of telling anything about it". The problem of defining proper names, and of explaining their meaning, is one of the most recalcitrant in modern analytical philosophy."


Firstly the Stanford article has toward the end a log of events which holds that "The Aristotelian Society" held debates between Jones and Russell over the right to call Scott "The author of Waverley" that the first "proper name" Scott, is correct and the second is disallowed on principle by their system of logical identifiers. "Scott is the author of Waverley" identifies but one attribute that is but one part of the domain of the life of Scott as an author. Rob Roy is as much of a character in the novel's fantasia as Scott is and the author of that fantasia in reality. That Scott was of Scottish origin is as important to Scott as it was for him to invent Rob Roy as a Scottish patriot since he thought of himself as a Scottish patriot. Since these characteristics are denoted as being attributes to both Scott and Rob Roy we now deal with an abstract noun called patriot which if it does not possess connotations then neither Scott nor his invented character could act their part as servants to the land that they held up high on their moral pedestals to serve and die for, most especially, if and when they have no intentions or connotations in accord with their confusion over the choice of synonyms that speak from different viewpoints about exaxtly the same subject "actions of the will". Thus it is proved beyond a shadow of a doubt that simple extension is expressed in simple intention. For without the voluntary powers contained within the "intent to serve" there can be no service or act of will to extend the helping hand as a "patriot". "The Aristolelian Society" to my understanding that is also my power to comprehend a difference in a word like "British Law" of the brutish bulldogs, Prime Ministers and its "logos" of the Greek geek, Heraclitus or the "Dharma" of the Sanskit kitchen hand, Krishna or the "Tao" of the Chinese character set called Lao Tse contain one difference which is each particular parties ethnic origin. Proper names represent not just the authors, countries, companies but also the influence that each author who believes in "whatever names on the letterhead" or has, as a respected authority to the population of readers even if and when it is "Mill" or "Keynes" being accepted as right when it is but a personal critique that I think them wrong. If that is not also another position or point of view that is not in possession of connotations or intentions then I will have to eat my trusty little powercap, batteries, wires, cloth and plastic included. I know I am safe from that torture how about YOU.


n-joy=peat 1+1<3

13 proper nouns in the key of top C for 2013

Choice magazine, Chancery Courts laws, Change from time spent earning and paying in the old bills dollars, Confusion in that the goods as purchased do only half the job they were meant to do, obsolescence is built into the system such that the system will fail, whether you use the item or not at some point in time the tyre will wear out, rubber degrades, the engine fails to start, batteries fail, ligaments will not move the bones because the muscles hurt too much, nerves wrecked because of overuse, battery, tyres and torque placed on spanner to remove that overtightened bolt from old regret that ran away, so heavy, man made a lead balloon in Company floats, Confirmed or Busted, experimental test bed for Crash test dummies, test to destruction said the myth busters. What did Uncle Albert Einstein tell us about? "To repeat the same experiment, under identical Conditions and expect a different result is the definition of madness." Which oar, row and boat did I fail to remember the extension of, in the intention, within which are its implications and Connotations in the principle of inclusion, which entails a boundary where the rider like along a rabbit proof fence or a dingo fence is excluded from Citizen Comforts over the simple properties Contained in proper nouns like rebel is the name for a member of a party in a state of rebellion, the orthophemism of its dysphemism terrorist or its euphemism freedom fighter? It is not over till the fat lady sings! Broomhilde needs to clean up that letter box drop acts box of insults as delivered by advertisers. As if B is not before C and D is not after C.


Thursday, January 10, 2013

ignoratio elenchi

Firstly define ignoratio elenchi as the irrelevant conclusion the concussion that democracy is Mr Azimov. The state is the status quo with its plans and objectives, its potential and its actuality to produce what a product or awareness? Do not see much potential in the zeroth law do you? Robots should not kill humans and other robots. Fine idea except that "I wouldn't want to be like you." said the Robot to the Human. The scare stare decisis or law of precedent of superior orders which orders humans to kill one another in the name of its state still exists where the protection of nationalistic boundaries holds precedence over individual rights and well being. From your grave do you believe you can order its end or not? I think not! That threat still exists and no one has the power over life and death except the one that the vast majority are in a state of denial over. Rebel soldiers in disguise as freedom fighters to the left and terrorists to the right rule the worldly chaos.



Wednesday, January 9, 2013

imaginary friends

She's crazy is a sexist comment, their crazy, mad, stupid and fools would be more correct an affirmation. Little people know of the synthesis of opposites. You cannot see the sun on the starriest or the stormiest of nights, which so far has not stopped its rising each day for those with eyes to see it. Woe to those who say foul is fair and fair is foul, the drama is of the witch of endorian proportions to Saul and all Kings, Presidents, Ministers, Politicians and members of the public who consult spirit mediums to determine the future. When many people believe in an imaginary law they form a political party. All men are created equal being a moot point. All men in the present era are not equal otherwise all would be happy not sad. All men would be wealthy which they are not. All men would have their daily needs fulfilled which they are not. So who does not have an imaginary friend dear friends, who of us does not believe that in future times will get better? I note with interest that charities collect money for the research into the cure for all sorts of diseases. I also note with interest that one imagines that one has money in the bank and that one collects interest on the deposits of that substance. See expectation of a favourable outcome is your imaginary friend and you do not know your local politicians nor were you at one of their secret meetings where they acted like an imaginary friend and betrayed your trust either. You cannot see the atom bomb but you know its a threat. You know there is nothing you can do about it except to tell the governments of the world who have them: your mad, you have mutually assured the destruction of us all! Why you cannot see into the darkest recesses of the subconscious background that forms your mind, your heart and your soul. Why you cannot even tell what is going to happen next in a field game yet you believe that the team you barrack for will win. So do the people on the other side of the field and all of you know only one team will win and only one team will lose. The atheists in Rome were once called Christians because they did not believe in the Roman Pantheon of Gods. I do not believe in the Pantheon of Gods that form political parties either so that makes me an atheist to their will and their petty little constitutions. I know that all of them are based on one overarching principle that love conquers all where the Golden Rule covers all possible favourable and not so favourable reciprocal contingencies. What we are dealing with is failure to reciprocate, the political engine is seized solid, the state cannot move without its imaginary friend the will of the many who are its supporters.What will happen when they find out their imaginary friends are their enemies? n-joy=peat<8<(1)>>

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Technology Jury is out over Injurious claims

The work of sourcing material from fragments is to say the least an arduous task. What is reality? What is the contribution made by ancient fragments of historical documents or accounts of things as they were then? Yet still all the more confusing is the translation of those texts by scholars of a particular political or religious persuasion. Errors in translation from fragments of evidence is extremely problematic. As is the view of each of the terms as used in the everyday speech of the people who inhabit the polis or city state. The way word meanings change through usage by the citizens of that self said polis. The word meanings as interpreted by poor, middle and upper class observers who express their opinions or viewpoint from their peculiar idiosyncratic perspectives.

Techne is one such term from which much has been borrowed and something blue is all around, that strange place where tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree and send the invitations to the wedding feast where all the birds will be fed and tabled with the fabled carrion dishes. Where does art end and where did it end but in epistemic. Yes art is contrivance, is synthetic in its representations of the objects found in nature.

Gunns in Tasmania today, that is, timberrrrrr, what they cry,,,,,, before it falls, graffiti on the wall in launceston circa 2003,,,,,, gunns you might as well use em there killing us anyway,,,,seems that some of their plots got fired up,,,,, went up in smoke,,,,, burnt out and re-tyre-d, rubber nosed with a rubber hose for want of a better sound bite off the old wood chip grinders,,,,,, off by yonder wonder land their possibly burnt out blocks,,,,,,, back to normalcy,,,,,, if and when please define the norm in normal and then witch hunt unit of measurement,,,,,,, post a shot taken with an iblad,,,,,,, lets see which viewing screen it has since the blad 500c or cm is also the big gun of the photo industry, ,,,,,,,personal favorite was an old but bold elm,,,,,, funny that elm spells timberrrr too so every word a picture paints with each letter painted by a pixel pixie against the grain.......A good shot is one that misses the target,,, that is with a real big gun which did not happen with operation castle bravo,,,,, 1954 hydrogen explosion that went two point something times over gunned,,,,,, just a bit too much lithium 6 became 7 then tritium,,,fallout poisoned milk in Queensland as a baby child....that's my excuse,,,,my reason why,,,, its what I'm on or timburred on about....Fire report from Tasmania......

Hammer the gods is an ad godinem type informal logical fallacy since it attacks the gods and not their arguments resulting in one irrelevant concussion! In fact each premise can be neatly stacked into one called ignoratio elenchi or irrelevant conclusion. For god sake all things live and move and breathe for one purpose which is not to hammer one and other since all contain the elements of that divine image which is to love one and other. The law of identity is not going to disappear like a hammer throw from Thor. Such that the planets all bear the names of Gods, do you atheists think it a good idea to change their names? I think that is relevant to all who are not a believer in the truth about he who made all things in his image who suffers no competition for the right to bear that name. Yes politics is a religion when one considerings of it, prove to be the steps one takes in ones daily orthophemistic rebellious walks where one mans disphemism, terrorist becomes an others euphemism: freedom fighter. Why physical science is yet to confirm how gravity works and social science is yet to confirm how politics works and you expect those not atheistic to trust the premises made popular by atheistic peer review networks? God forgive you for the many orders of magnitude that you calculations are in error over the time that went into coding the codon of DNA, RNA messenger and transfer that allows one cell to exist, let alone the trillions that your made from and all of that out of gas called hydrogen melded together in one ancient supernova into star stuff that is matter is a special form of spirit. Methinks it is a one sigma error in your judgements.


The sheep of reason produce monstrosities!

F=ma, when, where the greater the force which is applied the greater the rate of change in velocity occurs. V=dt also is missing where the trivial is made manifestly eloquent in that V=V as a unit of distance per a unit of time. PLUS rate of planar spread through a volume over time the inverse square law "For example, the intensity of radiation from the Sun is 9126 watts per square meter at the distance of Mercury (0.387 AU); but only 1367 watts per square meter at the distance of Earth (1 AU)—an approximate threefold increase in distance results in an approximate ninefold decrease in intensity of radiation." We go nowhere without a correct understanding of Euclid's first definition where a point is that which has no parts. Man made units of measure are arbitrary considerations. Mass under IG of pressure in what Kg or Lbs why not in crocodiles, what eggs, babies or monsters to deal with over the landscape painted by Goya in in his Caprichos Series No 43 The Sleep of Reason .....?


"Water does not resist. Water flows. When you plunge your hand into it, all you feel is a caress. Water is not a solid wall, it will not stop you. But water always goes where it wants to go, and nothing in the end can stand against it. Water is patient. Dripping water wears away a stone. Remember that, my child. Remember you are half water. If you can’t go through an obstacle, go around it. Water does."
— Margaret Atwood, The Penelopiad

"Water resists" No mention of temperature in the above formulation, fire steam and pressure vessels exploding nor of ice and glass bottles cracking them with waters property of expansion upon freezing nor of the fact that upon jumping from a ten metre tower into it and belly flopping one at 35 kph risks spilling ones guts into that pool of water, hope the lifeguard is a paramedic. Water also can be very violent and unforgiving to naive fools and their follies. For every force applied there is an equal or opposite reaction. Check each year the pressure valve of that hot water cistern. The thesis, its anti-thesis produce synthesis in Hegelian terminology. Everything flows, yes, flow is a form of turbulence, yes, the river flows, yes, in winter of the higher latitudes it freezes and has been known to be cut into ice blocks, yes, in volcanic springs it steams like a coffee percolator, yes, water has a cycle from solid, liquid, gas to plasma, yes, flows downhill, not uphill, yes, flows into the sea from streams into creeks into rivulets into rivers, crosses harbor bars into bays into seas into oceans to evaporate into thin air condenses into cloud formations, thunderstorms of frightening formation to fall  as rain fall again on mountains in valleys, yes, that which does soak into the ground forms the water table from which big trees drink and thus there is another path where the evaporative sun driven exhalation drags that water from out the ground as if a tree is a special kind of pump. There is it seems or so it all appears to be in me a very narrow band of temperatures where water is of comfort when it all distills down to a cup of coffee or of tea for two in the local cafe near you and me. Poor old Heraclitus of the pre-Socratic era. "His cryptic utterance that "all entities come to be in accordance with this Logos" (literally, "word", "reason", or "account") has been the subject of numerous interpretations." http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Heraclitus

Joe hill passed the test Terance and so you can too, the paradox of "superior orders" produces one viable option, on judgement day, present your case, God knows even if others are not brothers or sisters in their love! Naive mortal agents to each account before the logos is all we can ever be in our doings before the court of heaven which overrides all human judges decisions. Judge not lest you be judged too. Paul said love never fails, if we fail then we did not love the power of Jesus love for the wisdom in the justice of his Father in HEAVENS OR THE UNIVERSES power over death to bring us back to life at the resurrection, in other words, loved the life where the rebel rule of man is to his own personal injury. The subject of motivation is brought to the negotiation table, the heart being more treacherous than one can ever know in relation to self interest and self interest groups, protecting their careers and especially their pension allowances should they dare to disobey the orders from the states legislature as an authority that grants favour to good little boys and girls who do its bidding, much like a predator devours its prey in granting the rights within patent, copyright and property laws, which have much to answer for in relation to "terra nullius" or vacated possession or uninhabited land, nature abhors a vacuum, all one can do is pray for mercy. Luck, destiny or chance mean that with the flip of a coin the chances are always 1/2 or 50 50 or even stevens for all of you. You do not know the outcome until you toss the coin. To toss the coin and find the outcome entails risk and to challenge that risk is always a decision which then is the will at work which means all things are done on and for a purpose to educate the lot of us in the ways of justice. Powerful stuff we are made from dear friends, powerful stuff is stardust, google operation Castle Bravo?

Cameras do not take pictures, people do! Those settings, those dials which set the measure are the a priori ontological measuring tools that pre-existed to our naive awareness in philosophical terms which remain jargon or weasel words to most. Basic are the concepts of double and half since half of all numbers are divisible by two. Challenge that if you so will it and be proved a fool. As for scene selection or framing the scene or composing a picture all you ever get to see is an ice block moment. That was that time, that instant coffee moment with friends on the inside and enemies on the outside who are not friends yet because you never took the time to look up from the viewfinder to ask if they would like to sit inside. Reports of reporters, stranger anger danger, terrorists camps turned into tourist camps. We are all made of the same stuff inside. From bones to ligaments joined to muscles to nerve fibres with each one a vital piece of that puzzle ever so tightly muzzled by the media to stop anyone who defies them and the propaganda they wish to articulate. Buy this or sell that, this goes with this and that goes with that their perception field for so called social cohesion. Sorry to say this folks, yes apologetics of Apollo the sun god of myth, yes light from the tunnel of time. Where did Abbadon disappear too in our knowledge of the revelation, apocalyptic visions of the end of the that world and the birth of a new. Why the atomic model in the present day does not hold an explanation for gravity let alone that of a political will that works for the common good beats us to a pulp from their pulpits. So much for science then and knowledge of the natural order of the things that pre-existed times memorial tombs as we view them in the camera obscure upside down with spook in his prison from the wizard of Ids throne room, have a nice day.....we live in nescient times. The baconian idols of the cave, tribe, market and theatre ride like the four horseman in the Apostle John's vision.


Sunday, January 6, 2013

more trivia

The subject of the universal grammar is from innate apriori experience when treated as an ontology. No blank slates allowed except the one labeled naive morale agency. Based upon expectations one need not go to the various theorists so called proofs. To be in the body box with "I stink therefore I am" is not good enough a label to stick on a t-shirt? To sense is an apriori condition and the subject of perfume and stench are actor independent. One mans poison is an others wine. Since this is so we deal not with just intention but also with extension when we deal with that most abstract of abstractions in logic labelled imply via connotation. One may speak of iteration or recursion as a set of numbers of the form 1 to n and know that the sum of all of them share a relation to 1/2 and not know why. Yet with the formula milk proposition the whole of number is dependant upon the practical application of the word or logos or dhama in: so what about the implications! When n = 0 the sum is 1when we start at 1. Sum of N1 +1  numbers in a series with its beginning in 1 is allways in all cases and instances equal too N x (N/2+1/2) where n = a natural number of the series N1. There is the hard work of the count, the addition and then there is the shortcut that existed as an apriori entity that is, was and wills an eternal present. Never not true! With the argument over the logical implications come connotations of proper nouns such as "microsoft" "apple" "unix" "etc" which contain all the agents who work for and on behalf of such projects as actors do in a theatre. Each has a will to do in their being. Do the job on time, complete in full and deliver to specification and the job is yours to keep, implies serious connotations. If not then go on a search for another job. 1 is the biggest number and 2 is 1/2 of that number and 3 is a third of that entire set of numbers contained in an infinite sequence on and on up the prime numbers spiral vortex wind swept desert tree. Logic, grammar and rhetoric might be considered trivial to the them who are not us who know the difference made by the simple conclusion where N/1 x 1/N = 1 which proves, that is affirms a fact which is not trivial when an infinite series of numbers exist between 0 and 1 which is equal to the number of numbers 1 and above. Apart from that is the number of parent each entity owns as a member of the family tree. With 2 parent are 4 parents are 8 parents, ad infinitum, so we are all relatives at 33 generations. More members in the family tree at that point than are present in this point at the tip of times arrow with, some rather, not so trivial: interbreeding issues.

Since when was political knowledge's experience separate from religious knowledge's experience? They made a bad blunder removing religion from politics constitutionally speaking. "You will eat pi in the phi while you live" not "pie in the sky when you die" Rules baby rules and lots and lots of rules constructed by legal eagles so that they, if and when incriminated can find a precedent that will get them off the hook. With the principle of "superior orders" the general sat and watched the lines on the map get thinner and thinner till no more troops were in the valley beneath his command, no more 600, no more sixty and no more sixes, to do then die. There are other politico/religio texts to consider other parties decry. No there is not! Since the golden rule is older and bolder than all of the rules and one can count it on ones right or left hand and common to all peoples in there societal arrangements no matter which political, religious or trade boundary they believe in at the present instant. Such that reciprocal arrangements are ever dependant upon one  good thing, the price paid as agreed too for the product of ones labours. When short changed who of YOU is not among the US who complain!? That does not require belief in, that is common sense knowledge and worth dying for since the reward is not made on earth but made in heaven! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Golden_Rule

Pat riot act nationalism is a religion in the way of it's walk to the end such that it is a form of racism!


Saturday, December 29, 2012

one perfect day for lemmings at the fiscal cliff

Why is it so? That with the addition of 1-2-3-4-5 that there are two possible methods to arrive at the solution.  One which involves the repetitive action of addition the other involves a simple multiplication. In this simple series I.E. 1+2+(3)+4+(5) = 3x5 = 15 when and where we take the middle number and multiply it by the last number in the series, we acheive the goal so simply, how strange? What if the number of numbers in the list is even? How is a solution to an infinite series arrived at? Take any number divide it by two and add one half as a number or 1/2 or .5, no not a half life, nor any radioactive component, not even the half spin of an electron in its orbit but a simple 1/2 added to the n/2 which must then be multiplied by n and in all cases and all instances , the equation  n x (n/2+1/2) or in ultra simple layman's terms any number gives one the correct solution, where you will be enabled to add up billions of numbers in a few seconds of time if you have access to a calculator. Genius! Half the numbers in existence divide by 2. Why that +1/2 or .5 provides the solution is any-bodies question to answer!

Peat: Did u know that the first 36 numbers when added up consecutively equal 666?
MAN-KIND: So What?

Who, what, when, where, how, why, which, whom and whose responsibility is it? The nine honest serving men too serve you all your life. The attributes contained in the equation, sum of n numbers being equal too the multiplication of n or any number by its 1/2 + 1/2 in parenthesis preceded all by an infinite amount of volume within which mass can be pressurised to contain. Massive amounts of energy within which time could occur for each individual such that one lives with a column of air at sea level of one atmosphere that is the product of one gravity of downward pressure, common to all not a privileged few, kings, queens, ministers and their peasant servants. Sum of n = n x (n/2+1/2) at the very least provides a reliable answer to the sorities paradox of what constitutes a heap. n/1 x 1/n, in all cases and instances equals 1. There are no exceptions to the rule except where n = 0. So there is nothing and one as a concept noun in "we are one" or its inverse "we are nothing" that is the choice is made by difference. But then we are one man which is the verbal use in "we're one man" in that 2x2 = 4 grandparents, then 8 then 16 then 32 then 64 so all memory is, is digital or period doubled and at 36 generations we all have more family members in our tree than there are presently in existence on earth at this time. Find an exception to the rule and I will say thank you till then Praise the Lord of Hosts and Hostesses to whom we remain as a Guest, who constructed time for one bit of space for one to live in. The subject is of immeasurable worth, one that has no dollar or pound value at least in MAN KINDS words since the units of measurement are arbitrary or open to ones opinion. My forearm is different to the length of your forearm and then, by how many immmeasurable to the human eye: nanometres?

We are all like Paul, MAN_KIND, blinded by the light of the Lord on the road to Damascus with its factory to manufacture Damascene Swords from  Wootz Steel. Seems trace elements, or carbides were found long ago by the Tamil Tigers, possibly around the same time as a rather odd bridge was built between Sri Lanka and the Indian Continent called Adam's Bridge in the west and Rama's Bridge in the east. They invented steel manufacture in other words or found whether by accident of design the fact that carbon and iron form a stronger and more flexible bond. It seems that Wootz Steel was probably bought back from east to west by Alexander the Great. Rather odd that Sir Joseph Banks or Captain Cooks botanist should be involved with the introduction of the technology into the modern eras steel manufacture. Methinks that kind of steel would make really really good plowshares.

The wonder of the properties contained by the water cycle. On ya bike boys and girls to playtime with light, moire' and diffraction gratings we who live in upside down land in the employment of the camera obscura made from droplets of water perched upon a tiny head. Why is Earth not organized according to the watershed and all political borders thus annihilated forever?


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Lets kill Santa and all his Elves and steal the plans for that flying chariot then?

Lets kill Santa and all his Elves and steal the plans for that flying chariot then? Just think for an instant that one can do that an never be accused of breaking one of the ten commands nor of not obeying the golden rule! Since none of those entities exist, purely immaginary, not real, not reality, just imaginary. In fact one kills the greatest lie ever told, the biggest of all porkies and all that story ever was is simply put propaganda. The definition for propaganda is "The board for the administration of the faith". We expect the witness in the stand in a law court to tell the truth yet billions of dollars are spent each year to detect perjury and still to this day innocent people are sent to the chair or jail and in some cases to the full knowledge of those who are responsible for the law, corrupt police, lawyers, judges over bribed juries. Yet right from the time children of the west were born they are taught a lie as a fact and then expect those children to tell the truth? Behavior where the world is ungovernable and thus ungoverned as per Arnold Toynbee The mistaken historian!

As an influential opinion shaper, Toynbee was invited to have a private interview with Adolf Hitler in the Reichskanzlei (Reich Chancellery) in 1936. Hitler emphasized his limited expansionist aim of building a greater German nation, and his desire for British understanding and cooperation. Toynbee was convinced of Hitler's sincerity, and endorsed Hitler's message in a confidential memorandum for the British prime minister and foreign secretary. During World War II, he again worked for the Foreign Office and attended the postwar peace talks.

The one true tree is ones family tree. Not one exception to that ruling. One simple multiplication sum all that was needed. Two parents own four parents who own four parents who own eight. On and on to infinity either side of the the here the now the present. Otherwise known as "period doubling" or "bifurcation" where 1/2 x 2/1 =1 as per the f-stop system. Such that upon division or multiplication "!" sttands in place of any prime number  in the series "-!", ...,-7,-5,-3,-2,-1,1,2,3,5,7,..."!" What? All numbers relate to there compositional factors no exception to that ruling. We are forced into a corner here since 1/0 x 0/1 = 0 and thus we must get the zero out of the list. All numbers spiral like a rope into from an as yet unknown chaotic edge to the absolute distant point where the tracks converge to at a horizon, that place where the real number sequence finite able centre which then travels out to an another chaotic edge. At least we have established here the self as central at least its finite, at least it is manageable. Whoopsa daisy the cow and the Gettier problem of Justified True Belief and careful cross checking that that object in the remote distance is Daisy the cow, your best milker, your favorite cow, not another cow or a cardboard cutout placed there by a very clever deceptive and resourceful thief. Thus we must deal with Justified True Knowledge and how that relates to Justified True Love for Justice in Power of Wisdom before the throne of Heaven. Without LOVE we are nothing! Yet persistently we are carried off into captivity again, by a few faceless men with the power to pull the puppet masters strings!

Despite these warnings, Woodrow Wilson signed the 1913 Federal Reserve Act. A few years later he wrote:

I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore, and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated Governments in the civilized world no longer a Government by free opinion, no longer a Government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a Government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men. -Woodrow Wilson

How did it happen? After previous attempts to push the Federal Reserve Act through Congress, a group of bankers funded and staffed Woodrow Wilson's campaign for President. He had committed to sign this act. In 1913, a Senator, Nelson Aldrich, maternal grandfather to the
Rockefellers, pushed the Federal Reserve Act through Congress just before Christmas when much of Congress was on vacation (Reference 3, 4, 5). When elected, Wilson passed the FED. Later, Wilson remorsefully replied (referring to the FED), "I have unwittingly ruined my country" (Reference 17, P. 31).


Merry critical mass forget your happy new gear.

X-mass gravitas railway centrals journey to the centre of the earth, brave new world orders rowing the boat on a sea of salty croc of crappy nappie tears of now, of eviction notices, hide your heads in the sand stupid ostriches, the axeman superior orders to cut down that x-mass tree, fairies will be carried off into captivity by the bailiffs wax stamped and sealed red sky letter, that day, abandon hope all ye who enter here of ever getting off the ground, that is of course unless your be-lie-f, that is your faith in the loving kindness of ones fellow men gives them permission to rip you off, at the level of the banking institutions policy of usury, like a prostitute is trade between the banks and the worlds governments, controlling the flow of resources, limiting supply of land so they can raise the prices, no wonder people live on the streets like the homeless, some silly man set fire to his house in the uninvited states of Amerigo Vespucci so called promised land and when the firies turned up, took some pot shots at them, missed the mark, firies are furious but ok, deceiver of them is not, shot himself, fire the suicide note, that was the news from the air of yesterday on x-mass day, December 25th of 2012,  human law is built on a lie, rip your neighbours property off is diametrically opposed to helping ones neighbours out, get out of the way we the government with the biggest guns, "Terra Nullius" vacant possession, strait jacketed by the beast of govern mental agency, upside down land all in prison with the wizard of idiocies spook, oh, oh yeah, she loves you yeah, yeah yeh, when he who has the gold makes up the rules, to suit their selfish interests, pay as you enter, pay as you go, pay as you exit the land, you never heard of Eddie Mabo, who of you is not high  in ones endocannabinoid system and the act of running is not pleasurable, ahh, the loneliness of the long distance runner? Merry critical mass forget your happy new gear. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>>
Highly recommended interview.
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Monday, December 24, 2012

this old man came rolling home

TruthInArt, the FC or Frostcloud handle, google the word but it died some time ago, at least from my POV, too difficult to log on, FB is now prime output/input feedback loop domain at present, which is still for want of a better word a materialistic wilderness where all that is advertised is meism. Blogspot is where I share my thoughts these days, not much interest out there in subject of the explanatory gap, too complex for most I guess, yet, so called proper nouns where linguists or professional academicians divide names into classes like "microsoft" "google" and "apple" or the name for members of that class of objects, incorporated entities called corporations, name conventions, labels to identify and separte themselves from those who compete with them to supply products of manuafacture as used daily, expected to work and good when does and bad when does not, must be just too trivial, too taken for granted, too difficult to define for most people, are they lazy or too busy with everyday chores like pay the rent or the mortgage, the food bill, the power bill and the pelican bill to keep the states axeman from their door etc to give common names a second or any time for retro rocket inspection at all?  All proper nouns on close inspection are special cases of verbs and verbs are special cases of nouns. Moral philosophy 101 really as if they think they remain independent of the water cycle, which too moire', defines foolishness in extremis in the logic of morale. A point is that which has no part, which some long long time ago was accepted without my knowledge to be Euclid's first definition. Loopy I know, but since when did chair not own a history of usage, from design to fit the body form pre-existent to the rubbish tip when it becomes no longer comfortable to sit in, ontologically that is everything is innate or built into being as our doing, which we hold in common rich and poor alike, yet for the vast majority is a fact, yet to be realized at some point in history, no such thing as a blank slate, which makes a mockery of empirical inquiry, statistical data analysis, scientists thinking they can teach little kids how to walk and talk, since the attributes are built in and guess what, comes with a use by date included in the self, as a casket case, stuffed vertically in the ground, with a tree growing out ones head. MOST DO NOT WISH TO COME TO TERMS WITH THAT, I GUESS. Life is for the living and not the dead, so most think me to be rather dull, boring and a dead pelican shit and why, one wonders, why this is so, which leads one to the conclusion that, one day when driving, what the pelican bill ate the day before, the day after from the pelican bum falls upon the car windscreen, now that should drive this point, that has no part, into the windscreen washers, like an old man rolling home.


The sun is a star that is moving around the centre of the milky way galaxy!
The planets form a spiral shape as they travel around it and moons a vortex.
One which draws a set of spirals as it screws its way around lonely planet.
Can't let  solar system get out of shape now not like these messes on earth.

One wonders over the mysteriousness of logic.
I am peat, I feel, I think, I know, I use words.
On that count all do in carapace of their body.
Which from a pair of seeds grew to existence.
Habits of thought now where do these stem to?
Some level accusation that I am but a dreamer!
Thus own no authority to even speak in public.
Yet know the logos is Greek to a law in English.
That nine Figures turned up via fibronacchi.
One Leonardo of Pisa one propped up tower.
Thirteenth century history of account books.
One is balancing upon their head for equity.
Algebra so cryptic a riddle at the crossroad.
Critical it is in these attributes of one habit.


Saturday, December 22, 2012


Critical times hard to deal with are upon us, earthquakes in one place after another, wars and reports of wars, false prophets galore, if one hears a report there he is in the wilderness, do not believe them. Since this is the case for the time of the end of the world where division into classes within families, tribes, nations began with the confusion of the tongues at the work done by the men from the table of nations who were spread out to the entire inhabited earth since that event of what, 4000 years ago and still we deal with the babel of confusion? The question then becomes what sort, kind or type of spirituality will replace it or what will the kingdom promised by Jesus at his 2nd presence or parousia do to change the attitudes of his flock of true believers such that in one thousand years Earth is transformed into a paradise state? The Earth resides forever and the promise to not see any tears or pain is yet to be fullfilled and the Devil with his black art of deceit has yet to be bruised in the head. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>>

On Good Causes

Sorry to everyone who was sending me reequests to support their 'Causes",

That is a very good question. One imagines the possible cause as perhaps they are trying to build a statistical profile of the ones who "buy into their cause". Like numbers or percentages by profession, education or income, location, demographic or postcode and access to friends lists via principle of 6 degrees of separation to expand customer/"buy into" base. Likelihood there is that, they are also applying some sort of statistical algorithm to determine possible future income to be generated. Not that sinister really when you think about it. Everybody kind of sort of type of does that every time one replies or hits a like button on the posts on their facebook page  already. The trust do not trust divide or the guest host problem I identified since attending philosophy 101 classes in 1999 can only be solved this way. We witness the effect and search to determine its possible causes. By process of elimination it is possible to separate fantasy from reality. Otherwise it is called "trial by error of process" or how we learn to cope strategically or tactically.





"slaughter in innocents"

Funny, not ha ha, that in all likelihood the "magi" or 3 wise men were Persians or in all likelihood Zoroastrians of the kind like Cyrus of the first diaspora era where he released Israel from their captivity to Babylon the small, the head of gold. Funny not ha ha that they arrived after Jesus birth and that, was it accidence or to purpose that, the "slaughter in innocents" of children 2yrs and below by Herod soon followed in order then, that Herod would eliminate all future opposition to his rule by that "King of Kings"? That is the real story, not that fictional account called the nativity scene. The shepherds were there but not the "magi". otherwise Herod would not have killed children, two years old and below, but babies one year old and below. The Lord of heaven or the universe works in mysterious ways to bring attention to his cause. Since he alone has the power to produce life and destroy life and then reproduce that destroyed life with the supreme undo command in this game otherwise called the resurrection, all we can do is the right thing by our others since to do otherwise is against that law. Whose law? Not my law, nor any constitution of any nations law but the natural laws as viewed and reverse engineered from his creations. The properties inherent within ones consciousness know all of the above to be detestable, horrible little histories, where mans inhumanity to man force the righteous into a corner that only faith in Jesus Father in Heaven, not in Jesus himself, will retrieve them from evil political desolation, for he was/ is / will be but the mediator between God himself and man as himself, since all Jesus alone is/was/will be is the door or gatekeeper of his little flock preselected, who can get them out of very tight situations such that faith is tested in extremis, to see what stuff we are made from in spirit. It was man who rebelled first and that was a very serious mistake. But wait a second where does that place the tempter, the snake, the devil, the reptilian, the flesh but at point zero, at nothing but empty space occupied by death and its sting sin or lawlessness. Where is the promised kingdom to come in all of that political terror or are we as blinded by the light as Paul was on the road to Damascus and the future of its sword makers who would one day stop hunting down men like animals and turn their swords into plowshares. That the prophecy of Isaiah 2:4 be fulfilled. "He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore." There is the watershed and the water table as common shared resources that remain independent of all political boundary markers. The Line drawn is the littoral zone between high and low tides, drought and flood and finally by mountain cloudbursts and valley rivers.Yes: the water cycle! That will take some organising. Then and only then will "BABYLON THE GREAT" the fat lady singing on the back of the beast in this present eras Wagnerian Drama, the system of false ontological, cosmological and last but not least teleological educations in other words the false prophets will gasp their last gasp. Let the merchants of the world cry out not in pain at their loss of income from that profit source called war but that they have found a new market for their produce from mines minerals to foundries refining and on an into factories making plowshares to feed the poor to the end of merciless confrontations of willpower ruining the Earth where once and for for time and forever after heaven RULES us as one not zero as it is in this present days horrid little hour where men are divided as to their opinion as to what goes with this or that via advertising gurus.


Not with a bang but a whimper

There will be an end of disputes with IG creates mass of 1A of pressure at sea level and that's that for political boundary markers. Where G stands for Gravity and A stands for Atmosphere. Butterflies do not care what you call them yet we get them in our stomach and call it a gut feeling. We ought ask our self are we the solution to the problem or the problem solved by that solution.


Questions that can be answered by google!

I am I = 1
n/1 x 1/n = 1
Where n is any number such that exist in the atomic lattice work and cells of you as an I behind an eye as a pair to give one perception of depth to vision..
where n = any number, negative or positive, rational or irrational and in to doh or not to go doh except 0

I am not I = 0
1/0 x 0/1 = 0

I am I-1 or I+1 and in which book of accounts?
I am the square root of I or I-1 or I+1
So there is duality while such a dimension exists.
No pair of dimensions at right angles therefore no plane is possible which is clearly ridiculous.
Same applies to the other two dimensions to create volume and time.

I implies a presence and for ones presence to be enabled, which in turn implies yet again a process of that pronoun I, which stands in the place of all felt, thought, said and done or not done yet, that you either promised to do or did not even know, then, at that time what you would one day promise to do in that I or perhaps you took off more than you could chew or complete in one lifetime and the work remains to yet be finished. That is the i, aye, eye of Mast. Mr. Miss. or Mrs. Me or You, Us or Them and We or They. The case for the square is such that when it remains non-triangulated it falls down flat. Thus to deal with lengths of hypotenuse it is convenient and of import that Pythagoras's theorem does its work such that we can calculate its length. Triangulation or Trigonometry has its uses in the detection of ones GPS co-ordinates. A subject where the linear line of numbers with the square roots of its negatives produces the frame invented by Argand where imaginary numbers exist and if and when it did not exist there would be no such thing as electrons, phonons or photons that your I could even will to be as comprehended or even comprehensible in the first place. You are 1 not O. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>>