Wednesday, January 9, 2013

imaginary friends

She's crazy is a sexist comment, their crazy, mad, stupid and fools would be more correct an affirmation. Little people know of the synthesis of opposites. You cannot see the sun on the starriest or the stormiest of nights, which so far has not stopped its rising each day for those with eyes to see it. Woe to those who say foul is fair and fair is foul, the drama is of the witch of endorian proportions to Saul and all Kings, Presidents, Ministers, Politicians and members of the public who consult spirit mediums to determine the future. When many people believe in an imaginary law they form a political party. All men are created equal being a moot point. All men in the present era are not equal otherwise all would be happy not sad. All men would be wealthy which they are not. All men would have their daily needs fulfilled which they are not. So who does not have an imaginary friend dear friends, who of us does not believe that in future times will get better? I note with interest that charities collect money for the research into the cure for all sorts of diseases. I also note with interest that one imagines that one has money in the bank and that one collects interest on the deposits of that substance. See expectation of a favourable outcome is your imaginary friend and you do not know your local politicians nor were you at one of their secret meetings where they acted like an imaginary friend and betrayed your trust either. You cannot see the atom bomb but you know its a threat. You know there is nothing you can do about it except to tell the governments of the world who have them: your mad, you have mutually assured the destruction of us all! Why you cannot see into the darkest recesses of the subconscious background that forms your mind, your heart and your soul. Why you cannot even tell what is going to happen next in a field game yet you believe that the team you barrack for will win. So do the people on the other side of the field and all of you know only one team will win and only one team will lose. The atheists in Rome were once called Christians because they did not believe in the Roman Pantheon of Gods. I do not believe in the Pantheon of Gods that form political parties either so that makes me an atheist to their will and their petty little constitutions. I know that all of them are based on one overarching principle that love conquers all where the Golden Rule covers all possible favourable and not so favourable reciprocal contingencies. What we are dealing with is failure to reciprocate, the political engine is seized solid, the state cannot move without its imaginary friend the will of the many who are its supporters.What will happen when they find out their imaginary friends are their enemies? n-joy=peat<8<(1)>>

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