Saturday, December 22, 2012

Questions that can be answered by google!

I am I = 1
n/1 x 1/n = 1
Where n is any number such that exist in the atomic lattice work and cells of you as an I behind an eye as a pair to give one perception of depth to vision..
where n = any number, negative or positive, rational or irrational and in to doh or not to go doh except 0

I am not I = 0
1/0 x 0/1 = 0

I am I-1 or I+1 and in which book of accounts?
I am the square root of I or I-1 or I+1
So there is duality while such a dimension exists.
No pair of dimensions at right angles therefore no plane is possible which is clearly ridiculous.
Same applies to the other two dimensions to create volume and time.

I implies a presence and for ones presence to be enabled, which in turn implies yet again a process of that pronoun I, which stands in the place of all felt, thought, said and done or not done yet, that you either promised to do or did not even know, then, at that time what you would one day promise to do in that I or perhaps you took off more than you could chew or complete in one lifetime and the work remains to yet be finished. That is the i, aye, eye of Mast. Mr. Miss. or Mrs. Me or You, Us or Them and We or They. The case for the square is such that when it remains non-triangulated it falls down flat. Thus to deal with lengths of hypotenuse it is convenient and of import that Pythagoras's theorem does its work such that we can calculate its length. Triangulation or Trigonometry has its uses in the detection of ones GPS co-ordinates. A subject where the linear line of numbers with the square roots of its negatives produces the frame invented by Argand where imaginary numbers exist and if and when it did not exist there would be no such thing as electrons, phonons or photons that your I could even will to be as comprehended or even comprehensible in the first place. You are 1 not O. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>>

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