Saturday, December 22, 2012

On Good Causes

Sorry to everyone who was sending me reequests to support their 'Causes",

That is a very good question. One imagines the possible cause as perhaps they are trying to build a statistical profile of the ones who "buy into their cause". Like numbers or percentages by profession, education or income, location, demographic or postcode and access to friends lists via principle of 6 degrees of separation to expand customer/"buy into" base. Likelihood there is that, they are also applying some sort of statistical algorithm to determine possible future income to be generated. Not that sinister really when you think about it. Everybody kind of sort of type of does that every time one replies or hits a like button on the posts on their facebook page  already. The trust do not trust divide or the guest host problem I identified since attending philosophy 101 classes in 1999 can only be solved this way. We witness the effect and search to determine its possible causes. By process of elimination it is possible to separate fantasy from reality. Otherwise it is called "trial by error of process" or how we learn to cope strategically or tactically.





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