Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Get better dear forum

Because DNA is a code. All codes have authors = NO PROBLEMS: the case.
Thin edge of wedgies rogue waves in threes Edmund Fitzgerald: hi waves.
Dirac sea electrons antimatter positrons sane/insane balances: human race.
Anthropic principle fine tuning radios on list ening to white noise: big raves.
Forums and funny things happening on the way there in typing: seizure.
Kinds of characters kinds of plots kind of bounders boundaries: failures.
Moral armor mortal defense/offense threats hallow trick/treat: Caesar.
Grudges matchbox set on fire by riders pride Freudian slips ego: users.
Monetization of systems unit of measure buy bill the bill dollar: Politicians.
Man of clay case animated saliva Golem's artificial intelligence: Lawyers.
Mere words that identify attributes abstract subjects signs: Theologians.
Magic quantization qualifications lOOK wowmom bOOK one pay: Dahlias.
Three hundred and sixty four point two five days in every year: a need.
Roast on rotisserie cluck chickens crow roosters split by a spit: agreed.
Your dear dear doctor who?

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