Sunday, February 17, 2013

Truth will set you free

With Truth we do arrive at ambiguity via the way called "Theories Of Meaning" TOM being its acroprop, whoops, so sorry acronym its "Cat of 9 tails" slashed across our backs, the whelp marks being clearly visible in the in-terror-gate-ion of actors actions in these nine words --- who, for whom, to whose benefit, what, when, where, how, why and which one caused the case where (sorry, i am repeating myself) the distinction between "US and THEM" to it: TRUTH! Variables as to opinion belief and knowledge via propositional stances  or  non-propositional stances V Foundational via mentalist and non-mentalist stances and the various differences in "BEG TO DIFFER" via local or private verses universally accepted meaning conventions in club politics or game rules, which ask the question what are the rules of the game and who is brave enough to face up to the consequences of each and every actors actions? What is meant by club? We have all been dealt the same pack of cards but when five aces appear on the table in a poker game, expect a fight with a cheat or the flight of the cheat or the frozen with fear expectation of that cheat when his pre-conditioned responses take hold. Units of measure being arbitrarily assigned is a real issue not a trivial issue which is the current state of affairs with the subjects named popularly as logic, grammar and rhetoric which the scolastic philosophers called the trivium. We know but 4% of the material that composes that is founded this universe and the vast majority know nothing about nor have even heard of the term quadrivium except to say what the media told them what happened yesterday, today and tomorrow about stock market arithmetic, building industry home seller geometry, astronomical events AstroTurf me out illogical and last but not least the stellar carers of the musicological where so it seems Bieber and the barber paradox and Lady Ga Ga and the gaggle of geese who follow her, rule the world and the dark side of the moon gets forgotten as being Pinks answer to the questions proposed by Sun-Ra about alien invasions while we play computer games on our PlayStation's called alien invasion. "The sun is in tune but everything is eclipsed by the moon"

John Gronski Find a party that truly espouses limited government, rather than one that talks about it. While you're at it, find one that understands that a cut in spending entails more than merely reducing the rate of spending growth.

Not so stupid John Gronski however as growth in the population increases to infinity, the members contained within the boundaries are going to find that the space available for development is the LIMIT. The number of members is increasing and the American dream was not just sold to the US of A but the entire globe via the entertainment industry. I live in Australia and Harold Holt in the mid sixties is famous for the quote "All the way with LBJ" the connotations of which are impredicable if not unpredictable. But wait I digress back to the issue with a tissue which is the problem I call "MINE TO DUMP" Limited available means, implies poverty and restricted supply of resources do they not? Here in Au. the average mortgage entails a spend OF approx 20% of their income for the right to say "I OWN A HOUSE" according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. I know for a fact some poorer people pay near to 50% since the statistics represent average incomes which are disproportionally higher than actually observed by the average manual worker. Where is this headed you ask. Reducing the rate of spending growth for limited available resources entails doing some sums. Inflationary pressure is thus tabled. For when supply exceeds demand prices fall and vice versa when inverted. Get IT? The law of supply and demand is as old as history itself. Each and every government limits land supply to keep the prices either steady or rising, for to do otherwise results in deflationary pressures where people wait to buy to receive a lower proportion of spend via their attitude toward thrift. Thus for the Government of any nation to reduce its rate of spending while being considered as being thrifty entails that someone is going to be deprived of a loss of income in that nifty but thrifty attitude. Where now does this lead us? It leads us to "GIVE + TAKE = UNITY" I am happy that you are happy with the price and the trade as given. I will not be in servitude to you for the rest of my life for the means of sustanance and covering. But wait food supply and land supply are ongoing issues with tissues of lies attached in relation to dependancies upon others to say YES to supply. The government regulatory authorities claim ownership of the mineral resources beneath the land surface and air space is granted to both airlines and radio frequencies which the government intends to profit from and which the people depend upon for the production via the process of refinements from earth bound chemicals to manufacture product in the abstract or ontological fact one endures in the span of usage of the said product say car tv, computer till it returns to the ground as rusted dust. So "MINE TO DUMP" IS VALID IN TWO SENSES WHEN YOU GET MY DRIFT MY MEANING.

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