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Idiomaticism for Idiots

Probably, for the city-zens and country folk of Australia, Lasso Lariat Pick a ring for fighting with Poor Female Polly Swearers of the peoples wishes is not aware that Henry Fowler was assassinated by the editors of the present edition of the MEU. Certain important articles have been removed or altered beyond recognition such that the editor of the current edition is labelled COWARD in the below article as linked. The MEU is a set of articles of such import that to read any ten articles at random, one will find at the bottom of the article of one, perhaps more than one, a reference to "POPULARISED TECHNICALITIES" OR "SLIPSHOD EXTENTION". The King's or the Queen's English is a list of idiosyncrasies, liable to correct or incorrect usage. That is to my mind at least, perhaps not yours, perhaps to no other student of epistemology and especially not the foot soldiers of it, the scientists who continue to add so many words to the dictionary each day that the Queen Julia, the King Tony, and the Joker Larry, will have no time left in their busy schedules to keep up with that which  is growing faster than anyone: could ever HOPE to keep up with if they lived a thousand lifetimes. I have plenty of free time + interest = research. As I pointed out by way of definition, is what I consider to be the three problems in naming conventions. Synonym's Thesis, Antonym's Antithesis and last but not least of those is homonym's as some sort of synthetic device designed to confuse. Regardless of those operations in language is the idiom of the day. Hence the purpose of the original version of the MEU and the reason why the Fowler brothers generated the MEU in the first place summed up in this sentence. "Another scheme that has attractions is that of an idiom dictionary— that is, one that would give only such words as are in sufficiently general use to have acquired numerous senses or constructions and consequently to be liable to misuse .... *"

To ignore cartoonist's is to decide to be an ignoramus. MEANINGS OF, Misogyny and Misandy exist as a thesis as does the antonyms Philogyny and Philandry as the antithesis to that sort, that kind, that form of  terminology. As nouns they name attitudes that provoke either one of two possible states of response to their stimulus as one pauses and reflects on those extremities as "Conflicts of INTEREST" LOVE THEM OR HATE THEM? There they are, four possible states, they exist as states of doing in the being in the deal with substances so gifted. There is the Queen's English and their was the Kings English and their were students of its idiosyncrasies like the Fowler brothers whose primary premise has been ignored by Burchfields descriptive analysis that directly opposes Fowler brothers presciptive enterprise such that the article mentioned title states '

The Assassination of Henry Fowler by the Coward Robert Burchfield

Personally I was abhorred to find the article on propaganda removed. Thus I would simply say that Burchfield is merely guilty of a solecism. As is Queen Julia, King Tony and that Joker Larry in the constructions that exist in debates over loves and hates in their house of cards. Miss information has Full information to deal with. Philia love of association Miso hatred of association. 

1577, from M.Fr. sol├ęcisme, from L. soloecismus "mistake in speaking or writing," from Gk. soloikismos "to speak (Greek) incorrectly," from soloikos "ungrammatical utterance," prop. "a speaking like the people of Soloi," from Soloi, Athenian colony in Cilicia, whose dialect the Athenians considered barbarous.

So we have the stocks and tomato pelters still?
Still: invention for the purposes of purification
Of the separation of substances by boiling point.
Subversion's, Submariners, Saboteurs and Satans.
The subject of categories has vexed mankind since Eden.
Good or Evil, Yin or Yang are simply Substance or State.
That space where fools in grasping grasp for gasps of air.
Living breathing creatures ontological from womb to tomb.
Those born,, breathe thin air made possible by the column.
Of air that if not existent then life for humans is not possible.
One atmosphere of pressure is what I believe in at sea level.
Find a person agnostic or atheistic to that trustworthy belief?
As a natural law it is likened to turning like a shadow dances.
From west to east is opposite to path of sun as sphere travels.
Counter intuitive as it my seem Earth travels around the sun.
As flows Moon phases travels around Earth, luminary knight.
Those policies were a priori precede to proceed ontologically.
Not like religion politicians practice, but one will charge them.
For misanthropy by not living in accord with artistic creation.
By law of reciprocal arrangements held in trust via golden rule.
Common to all peoples not just some members in your nation.
In reading citics on Quora posts on Ayn Rand. I hear much critique and little if anything about Rands work.

"Rand characterized Objectivism as "a philosophy for living on earth", grounded in reality, and aimed at defining human nature and the nature of the world in which we live.
My philosophy, in essence, is the concept of man as a heroic being, with his own happiness as the moral purpose of his life, with productive achievement as his noblest activity, and reason as his only absolute.
—Ayn Rand, Atlas Shrugged"
Now there were a number philosophy major and minor operators up above this post who should be able to produce an argument that either affirms or denies this sentence shop lifted from the
I will begin by inverting her argument to define her opposite viewpoint so we can synthesise a way to negotiate between her object aughts against the subjective is that is the tis in business with its investment in capital accumulations.
"Everyone else's, idealogies are non-sense in action, with the misconception of misanthropy, with his own sadistic tendencies as the moral purpose of his life, with destructive annihilation as his stupidities non-activity, ignorance as his only relative." Mount Earths Map get it Stiffened.
That is as good/bad as I can do at present with the chosen operative terms as made by Rand herself. One makes a comedy of a sad and tragic event. Whose Atlas to shrug off earth, or did his head get shunned and shunk by a cannibal witch doctor of philosophy? The word concept as I understand its use in philosophy is as the predicate of the subject of a sentence. That is you, the one holds to the value that philosophy is epistemological-ly driven as I do if you are that is: a word user?

 No word then no intended nor connoted meaning extension. As for logician's well they still struggle with the Russel Paradox and the fog in Frege's Law of Thought. That proper nouns possess no connotation is de-bunked, henceforth and forthwith proper nouns do possess connotation. Scott as the author of Waverley as the authority on the world that was contained in the novel Waverley, drew from his experiences with Scottish Highland and lowland characters to form the character Rob Roy. To any familiar with the books author, Scott is the inventor, the creator of the character Rob Roy, Waverley and any of the times and places contained that when mentioned before the knowledgeable they would identify Scott as author.
For  the layman of philosophy to comprehend a single word of the language of philosophy is an issue in conceptualisation from substance to state in the incredible impredicable non-predicable claims on insurance policy accident survivors, so it seems: statistically speaking that is. mathematics has similar problems for the laymen working with it to calculate expenses against incomes, that is at the elemental basic level. For him to comprehend the definitions in the calculus is as simple as knowing the maximum and minim of the flow of derived quantities tangential to the slope of the curve parallel to the x axis. The abstract nature and the cryptic sceptic nature of both subjects seems to imply that some agenda to protect trade secrets is at work and thus a conspiracy theory is at work to keep the population of non-philosophers and non-mathematicians in a state of inactive ignorance as the charge laid against that objective.
The facts change with a change in the law so it seems.
strange taxi laws
London Hackney Carriages (taxis/cabs) were required by law carry a bale of hay and a sack of oats. This was because they were originally horse drawn, this was repealed in 1976, even so, until then it was illegal for a taxi not to carry hay and oats.

It is still illegal for cab drivers to carry rabid dogs or indeed corpses and by law they must ask each and every passenger if they have small pox or 'The Plague', yes, even to this very day!

" The law is an ass


Said of the application of the law that is contrary to common sense.


This proverbial expression is of English origin and the ass being referred to here is the English colloquial name for a donkey, not the American 'ass', which we will leave behind us at this point. Donkeys have a, somewhat unjustified, reputation for obstinance and stupidity that has given us the adjective 'asinine'. It is the stupidly rigid application of the law that this phrase calls into question.
The law is an ass
It is easy to find reference works and websites that attribute the phrase to Charles Dickens, who put it into print in Oliver Twist, 1838. When Mr. Bumble, the unhappy spouse of a domineering wife, is told in court that "...the law supposes that your wife acts under your direction", replies:
"If the law supposes that," said Mr. Bumble, squeezing his hat emphatically in both hands, "the law is an ass - an idiot".
In fact, 'the law is an ass' is from a play published by the English dramatist George Chapman in 1654 - Revenge for Honour:
Ere he shall lose an eye for such a trifle... For doing deeds of nature! I'm ashamed. The law is such an ass.
'Published by' doesn't necessarily mean 'written by'. In 1653, Chapman's play was registered, as The Parricide, or, Revenge for Honor, to fellow playwright Henry Glapthorne. Some scholars contend that the play was the work of neither gentlemen and was written around 1620.
Whoever the author was, we can be sure it wasn't Charles Dickens. However, it was Dickens who brought the phrase to the general public. Oliver Twist was an enormous success when it was first published as a serial and has become one of the world's best selling novels."
Plagiarism by Dickens so it seems. Still, the string of words and letters so selected could by chance have been selected or collected and the sub-conscious mind that recall them to memory as an identical string of letters selected by a stranger as an identical string of letters randomly selected from say a computational algorithm that randomly selects letters where some of the letters in a sequence produce a recognized word, sentence, paragraph, chapter, book and library of congress. The longer the string the smaller the chance of even finding a library with the identical collection and number of books in the stack, archives and shelves. Beginning to think that we are a set of henpecked chickens at the moment wanting to cross the road but so struck by the spiral of silence, by the do not dob the criminal in, do not report a co-workers misdemeanor, law of the mafia, law of omerta, law of silence, such that is, do not to go against the flow of popular opinion that the amygdala has hijacked any decision to be made and left us in a state of freeze frame from overstress from over stimulation dealing with the eight f's. f$#c, fear and fright as inputs with fight, freeze, flight choices for the fleet or not so of foot and hand and mouth disease: as outputs. The speaking of ones thoughts out loud in a public place or the speaking to oneself in a private place is against the law? Stream of consciousness writing or even automatic writing merely reveals the stranger and truth is in word and deed stranger than fiction. So I am an idiot and ought be declared insane and inane and be delivered unto the mental health clinic for chemical straight jacket therapy should I? And while you are at it could you please give me a chemical castration pill because my balls are driving me mad as well.


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