Monday, January 14, 2013

13 proper nouns in the key of top C for 2013

Choice magazine, Chancery Courts laws, Change from time spent earning and paying in the old bills dollars, Confusion in that the goods as purchased do only half the job they were meant to do, obsolescence is built into the system such that the system will fail, whether you use the item or not at some point in time the tyre will wear out, rubber degrades, the engine fails to start, batteries fail, ligaments will not move the bones because the muscles hurt too much, nerves wrecked because of overuse, battery, tyres and torque placed on spanner to remove that overtightened bolt from old regret that ran away, so heavy, man made a lead balloon in Company floats, Confirmed or Busted, experimental test bed for Crash test dummies, test to destruction said the myth busters. What did Uncle Albert Einstein tell us about? "To repeat the same experiment, under identical Conditions and expect a different result is the definition of madness." Which oar, row and boat did I fail to remember the extension of, in the intention, within which are its implications and Connotations in the principle of inclusion, which entails a boundary where the rider like along a rabbit proof fence or a dingo fence is excluded from Citizen Comforts over the simple properties Contained in proper nouns like rebel is the name for a member of a party in a state of rebellion, the orthophemism of its dysphemism terrorist or its euphemism freedom fighter? It is not over till the fat lady sings! Broomhilde needs to clean up that letter box drop acts box of insults as delivered by advertisers. As if B is not before C and D is not after C.


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