Saturday, January 26, 2013

five peatantic peoms commemerating cook

How are you feeling Peter? So said the Update status.
When the term of endearment called compassion is in.
Where then is it if and when the attributions are in us?
What domain of interest bearing ore deposits form bin?

Morale or moral or mortal in more punishment in ask.
Character development proved to be from nailed you.
Cuneiform seraphs prove to have interrupted our task.
Bang bang Nimrod engineers hung by gambles so blue.

Power plays where choice is contained via prescription.
Measure by Apothecaries aesthetically defined in beauty.
Of the wound that wound one up in a vampire bed coffin.
Death sentences I note are common to all not just auntie.

Reciprocity failure is where we have proved to be not.
Arrangements via argument over laws a Gordian knot.


Mr chip chirping in the fryer is that an offence?
Fence that which keeps the sheep from wolves.
Law is a fence that is a free get of jail cadence.
Atomic periodic tables photons electric hooves.
Merry merry circular definition view of one point.
Festival Halls where Fester our clowns on stage.
Where one mans joke is at the expense of oink.
Pigs paradise con fed ER ate Ed you Kate Ed rage.
Scansion sorry no scansion in that mad last line.
Does not read right then such is life for poetry.
Hung drawn quartered by act of chancery so fine.
Found Under Carnal Knowledge etymology in try.
Cryptic crossword puzzle to muzzle war dogs raw.
Meat road kill vultures torture stake Christ so sore.

Who found this continent with what crook did Cook?
Bishophoric clocks with H1 and H2 like C3PO R2D2.
What the deleted expletive are you on old clark look.
Taxonomy is the naming convention from Linnaeus.

Historical account books opened as to the law of torts.
Subject headings few of the members of OZ know of.
Centrelink proved to be breadbasket for poor old farts.
Like rebel me to others freedom fighter terrorist of oz.

Plane against the grain if you want a rough job done.
Ways of life of wanderers with cameras taking shots.
Pot shots at politicians that is like Jed Clampett won.
Oil that is and off we go to holy would be if its knots.

That grind at the stomoch look cannibals eat ones kids.
Goats head soup battering Rams it happens diddle dids.

Well send me packing then since the wells been poisoned.
What fence is drawn what line in the sands of time is glass?
Who knows the evening NEWS is North East South West?
Where in and wherefore lies stinky burial of Truth In Art?

Cross are you that dared I to be critical of belief in flags?
So you are an expert in studies of culture dear old vulture?
Sorry Day forces natives to pay for what's stolen UH HUH?
Fences draw a boundary line where included exclude many.

Not happy sunshine about being required to ask the question.
Rare Earth material resources where old Thorium is so found,
Perhaps some of you if and when you found a bar will drink.
The water that is heated by the hot metal rod and think it beer.

I owe I owe so off to work I go a tra la la la la la land too far.
Seven servant dwarfs every seven days sleeping beauty paid.

Rock n' Roll again and again for gain from the washing machine cycle.
Moral Dilemma of lemmings overcrowding running to find dear old cliff.
Popped up and got in the way and look mum we are outside the flags.
Humour me dear Whats On the page with your rage outrageous fortune?
Cookie monster dilemma over the morale of the troops on Cooks ship.
Who went kind like Lord Haw Haw did to the Brits except whoops Hawaii.
And now I have to deal with Hawai the supplier of Virgin Mobile DCom exploits.
Buffer overloads whatever that means all I know is somethings just not right.
So if and when you can follow this story then swallow the two pills for advice.
Vice clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds rule number 364 point two five.
Four vivid seasons and Vivaldi playing on an LP at Dicks from sun water beds.
The year 1974 and there was a flood and a stack of cookies in the tin pot men.
In summary futility is where we see power plays from celebrity culture vultures.
They like to give us all very good advice that neither they nor us do follow.


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