Sunday, January 6, 2013

more trivia

The subject of the universal grammar is from innate apriori experience when treated as an ontology. No blank slates allowed except the one labeled naive morale agency. Based upon expectations one need not go to the various theorists so called proofs. To be in the body box with "I stink therefore I am" is not good enough a label to stick on a t-shirt? To sense is an apriori condition and the subject of perfume and stench are actor independent. One mans poison is an others wine. Since this is so we deal not with just intention but also with extension when we deal with that most abstract of abstractions in logic labelled imply via connotation. One may speak of iteration or recursion as a set of numbers of the form 1 to n and know that the sum of all of them share a relation to 1/2 and not know why. Yet with the formula milk proposition the whole of number is dependant upon the practical application of the word or logos or dhama in: so what about the implications! When n = 0 the sum is 1when we start at 1. Sum of N1 +1  numbers in a series with its beginning in 1 is allways in all cases and instances equal too N x (N/2+1/2) where n = a natural number of the series N1. There is the hard work of the count, the addition and then there is the shortcut that existed as an apriori entity that is, was and wills an eternal present. Never not true! With the argument over the logical implications come connotations of proper nouns such as "microsoft" "apple" "unix" "etc" which contain all the agents who work for and on behalf of such projects as actors do in a theatre. Each has a will to do in their being. Do the job on time, complete in full and deliver to specification and the job is yours to keep, implies serious connotations. If not then go on a search for another job. 1 is the biggest number and 2 is 1/2 of that number and 3 is a third of that entire set of numbers contained in an infinite sequence on and on up the prime numbers spiral vortex wind swept desert tree. Logic, grammar and rhetoric might be considered trivial to the them who are not us who know the difference made by the simple conclusion where N/1 x 1/N = 1 which proves, that is affirms a fact which is not trivial when an infinite series of numbers exist between 0 and 1 which is equal to the number of numbers 1 and above. Apart from that is the number of parent each entity owns as a member of the family tree. With 2 parent are 4 parents are 8 parents, ad infinitum, so we are all relatives at 33 generations. More members in the family tree at that point than are present in this point at the tip of times arrow with, some rather, not so trivial: interbreeding issues.

Since when was political knowledge's experience separate from religious knowledge's experience? They made a bad blunder removing religion from politics constitutionally speaking. "You will eat pi in the phi while you live" not "pie in the sky when you die" Rules baby rules and lots and lots of rules constructed by legal eagles so that they, if and when incriminated can find a precedent that will get them off the hook. With the principle of "superior orders" the general sat and watched the lines on the map get thinner and thinner till no more troops were in the valley beneath his command, no more 600, no more sixty and no more sixes, to do then die. There are other politico/religio texts to consider other parties decry. No there is not! Since the golden rule is older and bolder than all of the rules and one can count it on ones right or left hand and common to all peoples in there societal arrangements no matter which political, religious or trade boundary they believe in at the present instant. Such that reciprocal arrangements are ever dependant upon one  good thing, the price paid as agreed too for the product of ones labours. When short changed who of YOU is not among the US who complain!? That does not require belief in, that is common sense knowledge and worth dying for since the reward is not made on earth but made in heaven!

Pat riot act nationalism is a religion in the way of it's walk to the end such that it is a form of racism!


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