Saturday, December 22, 2012

"slaughter in innocents"

Funny, not ha ha, that in all likelihood the "magi" or 3 wise men were Persians or in all likelihood Zoroastrians of the kind like Cyrus of the first diaspora era where he released Israel from their captivity to Babylon the small, the head of gold. Funny not ha ha that they arrived after Jesus birth and that, was it accidence or to purpose that, the "slaughter in innocents" of children 2yrs and below by Herod soon followed in order then, that Herod would eliminate all future opposition to his rule by that "King of Kings"? That is the real story, not that fictional account called the nativity scene. The shepherds were there but not the "magi". otherwise Herod would not have killed children, two years old and below, but babies one year old and below. The Lord of heaven or the universe works in mysterious ways to bring attention to his cause. Since he alone has the power to produce life and destroy life and then reproduce that destroyed life with the supreme undo command in this game otherwise called the resurrection, all we can do is the right thing by our others since to do otherwise is against that law. Whose law? Not my law, nor any constitution of any nations law but the natural laws as viewed and reverse engineered from his creations. The properties inherent within ones consciousness know all of the above to be detestable, horrible little histories, where mans inhumanity to man force the righteous into a corner that only faith in Jesus Father in Heaven, not in Jesus himself, will retrieve them from evil political desolation, for he was/ is / will be but the mediator between God himself and man as himself, since all Jesus alone is/was/will be is the door or gatekeeper of his little flock preselected, who can get them out of very tight situations such that faith is tested in extremis, to see what stuff we are made from in spirit. It was man who rebelled first and that was a very serious mistake. But wait a second where does that place the tempter, the snake, the devil, the reptilian, the flesh but at point zero, at nothing but empty space occupied by death and its sting sin or lawlessness. Where is the promised kingdom to come in all of that political terror or are we as blinded by the light as Paul was on the road to Damascus and the future of its sword makers who would one day stop hunting down men like animals and turn their swords into plowshares. That the prophecy of Isaiah 2:4 be fulfilled. "He will judge between the nations and will settle disputes for many peoples. They will beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks. Nation will not take up sword against nation, nor will they train for war anymore." There is the watershed and the water table as common shared resources that remain independent of all political boundary markers. The Line drawn is the littoral zone between high and low tides, drought and flood and finally by mountain cloudbursts and valley rivers.Yes: the water cycle! That will take some organising. Then and only then will "BABYLON THE GREAT" the fat lady singing on the back of the beast in this present eras Wagnerian Drama, the system of false ontological, cosmological and last but not least teleological educations in other words the false prophets will gasp their last gasp. Let the merchants of the world cry out not in pain at their loss of income from that profit source called war but that they have found a new market for their produce from mines minerals to foundries refining and on an into factories making plowshares to feed the poor to the end of merciless confrontations of willpower ruining the Earth where once and for for time and forever after heaven RULES us as one not zero as it is in this present days horrid little hour where men are divided as to their opinion as to what goes with this or that via advertising gurus.


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