Friday, February 15, 2013

crow call enduring one crowded hour

atheism is to religion as rules are to politicians --- relegate is to dictate to the secretary the words to type --- re leg it out of here fog horn leg horn was the name of a cartoon carton of roosters ---- cock a doodle do at 3 am in the morning after a night on the turps is rarely welcomed ---- seems that darwinism verses creationism says it saw the evidence and told the story --- wild attempt of the ministry of truth of the year of our lord one thousand nine hundred and eighty four --- of orwellian proportions was animal farm and how I shot an elephant ---- the aleph ant is in the room as bull is to china shop all that shocking news ---- sure did scare the mice like men who scrambled up the ropes of the ships like thieves do at night with colonialism --- left such a wonderful legacy for the children to hear as stories on the tv each sunrise noon and sunset doing high fives over the television --- from cradle to grave manufacturing on and into it from mine to dump from mine to dump around and round in vortexial circles riding on their water cycle--- hydrogen fuels the load of dust that you can say you own as a will---- looking forward to a dump where the garbage cabbage patch rotten kids in the rubbish bin walks itself to the tip --- i never ever saw one thing move with out a vow with out a will without the use of voluntary powers or volition --- take note a votes a vow to serve the nation in peace of war thus the only way to go is to all be members of the plane called earth as it exhibits an exceedingly strong tendency to have us travel in a spiral around galactic central railway station at speeds that on a freeway one would get one very arrested jailed and sentenced to life imprisonment for treason of the state or apostacy of religion which one could in never ever never ever land say one is guilty of being perjured --- put your self in the shoes of the man who proved his innocence and paid at the same time the ransom from this sentence of death placed upon man since eden --- pascals wager was made and he took that hook line a sinker yet jansenism was denied credability by the so called universal church --- no wonder there are athiests all the christians have been eaten by the pagen lions --- planets sun moon and stars named after pagan gods --- conservative party members will object that is resist the change of name pretty much the same way they objected to pluto being rejected as a planet when proof is in the pudding the sixpence was present --- pluto is not a sphere not enough material present for gravitas to draw it into the next to perfect shape of our obloid spheroid home --- why all those corridors of rivers from which the waters flow into the sea from the water shed are not the borders beats me to a pulp does the common sense of that one idea like a rooster c would have crowing at 3am after a night upon the turps --- annoying that no one thought it a good idea any sooner since it would of saved us all a lot of wars and heartaches --- what was that doxology at the end of the mountain sermon ???? do you remember something about forgiveness and the kingdom come ???  yay no more passports no more entry visas "God is LOVE" n-joy = for peats sake <3

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