Monday, December 24, 2012

this old man came rolling home

TruthInArt, the FC or Frostcloud handle, google the word but it died some time ago, at least from my POV, too difficult to log on, FB is now prime output/input feedback loop domain at present, which is still for want of a better word a materialistic wilderness where all that is advertised is meism. Blogspot is where I share my thoughts these days, not much interest out there in subject of the explanatory gap, too complex for most I guess, yet, so called proper nouns where linguists or professional academicians divide names into classes like "microsoft" "google" and "apple" or the name for members of that class of objects, incorporated entities called corporations, name conventions, labels to identify and separte themselves from those who compete with them to supply products of manuafacture as used daily, expected to work and good when does and bad when does not, must be just too trivial, too taken for granted, too difficult to define for most people, are they lazy or too busy with everyday chores like pay the rent or the mortgage, the food bill, the power bill and the pelican bill to keep the states axeman from their door etc to give common names a second or any time for retro rocket inspection at all?  All proper nouns on close inspection are special cases of verbs and verbs are special cases of nouns. Moral philosophy 101 really as if they think they remain independent of the water cycle, which too moire', defines foolishness in extremis in the logic of morale. A point is that which has no part, which some long long time ago was accepted without my knowledge to be Euclid's first definition. Loopy I know, but since when did chair not own a history of usage, from design to fit the body form pre-existent to the rubbish tip when it becomes no longer comfortable to sit in, ontologically that is everything is innate or built into being as our doing, which we hold in common rich and poor alike, yet for the vast majority is a fact, yet to be realized at some point in history, no such thing as a blank slate, which makes a mockery of empirical inquiry, statistical data analysis, scientists thinking they can teach little kids how to walk and talk, since the attributes are built in and guess what, comes with a use by date included in the self, as a casket case, stuffed vertically in the ground, with a tree growing out ones head. MOST DO NOT WISH TO COME TO TERMS WITH THAT, I GUESS. Life is for the living and not the dead, so most think me to be rather dull, boring and a dead pelican shit and why, one wonders, why this is so, which leads one to the conclusion that, one day when driving, what the pelican bill ate the day before, the day after from the pelican bum falls upon the car windscreen, now that should drive this point, that has no part, into the windscreen washers, like an old man rolling home.


The sun is a star that is moving around the centre of the milky way galaxy!
The planets form a spiral shape as they travel around it and moons a vortex.
One which draws a set of spirals as it screws its way around lonely planet.
Can't let  solar system get out of shape now not like these messes on earth.

One wonders over the mysteriousness of logic.
I am peat, I feel, I think, I know, I use words.
On that count all do in carapace of their body.
Which from a pair of seeds grew to existence.
Habits of thought now where do these stem to?
Some level accusation that I am but a dreamer!
Thus own no authority to even speak in public.
Yet know the logos is Greek to a law in English.
That nine Figures turned up via fibronacchi.
One Leonardo of Pisa one propped up tower.
Thirteenth century history of account books.
One is balancing upon their head for equity.
Algebra so cryptic a riddle at the crossroad.
Critical it is in these attributes of one habit.


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