Friday, November 2, 2012

Paley's Clock Clicker for New York's City Slickers

Quora Reply Atheism is a religion: The Joker in the pack. Felipe Camargo, studying production engineering said" In short: No. Today, however I see people acting as if it were."
I would imagine that Filipe is talking about the militant atheists to which I say NO! In short? Take the r out of short and find your shot theistically speaking, all you Edward O. Wilson, foot soldiers of epistemology, yes in the foot with your own gun since atomic weapons turned up. Simple as an atheist is not a theist, as adeist is not a deist, as an agnostic is not a gnostic and as apolitic-ist is not a politic-ist. Apologies for sounding polemical, unfortunately this is unavoidable. On application of the excluded middle to the assertion above we find that one cannot be the one and the other at the same time and hold to the same tenets as detailed in their descriptions as observers of those self same or similar tenets in each of those classes in schoolrooms in each one of those privately held systems of belief: their houses are contained by. Beliefs which are not knowledge at least to the uneducated who have no idea of the origin of such terminologies. Which brings us into conflict over which opinion is validated. How do we produce the evidence from that which remains of the the day for the rational, if and when it is treated in its original conception as to ratio or to proportion? It is said that a first cause can neither be proved nor proved. Want to take a lie detector test? Ahha you will say that a practiced actor can fool such a test.
Let us then examine the number of bits and pieces that construct a camera and the amount of time spent in researches since classical physics morphed into modern physics, then and again, pain results in gain, iff one is familiar with the algebra as an accounting method that for all intents and purposes originated out of the students of Islam and perhaps before that imported from India since they knew before the west did about the 0set in place as a numerical place holder.
Perhaps also, you might be able to give an accurate explanation of that which occurs when a photon hits an electron in either a silver halide molecule or a 99.9999999% pure silicon atomic c-mos matrix that colour information might be extracted? Clearly the objects of mankind's design involve creative intentions, that is to reverse engineer, yes to deconstruct the operations of the human eye and how and why it is to see a fly in the ointment causing it to stink and bubble forth in an amber chamber.
OK we are down to a Paley's clock ontological argument in "I see therefore I am made by God and in his image" and you are not? Clearly then to not be a man made of atoms, molecules and 1x10^15 cells of which 90% are gut flora, for that coded architecture to grow from a pair of male and female seeds is clearly the result of a designer and to say otherwise, that is BS or a lie. Have you seen what a bull can do in a china shop? You do not need to see it. You know apriori from experience with the clumsiness of bulls they do not care one iota about the stuff that is in a china shop! When we stop the bull perhaps collectively we can stop ourselves from ruining the china shop called earth with cities of spitefulness like that megalopolis precincts surroundings of NewYork in the present day this disinherited hour. Now, that would be creative and make for a pleasant change of atmosphere, let some fresh air in to clear the stench from out the room! Which will is ill and requires a lot of guts. Please excuse use of the vernacular. We deal here with the Human microbiome. Still all law stems from the Golden rules reciprocal arrangements that remain common across each and every legal system ever imagined. Do for others, which includes the Father of Jesus, as you would like them to do for you, which will save the members of the earthly legal system much pain, both prosecutor and defendant, that after its inception and acceptance, they can thank and praise him for, after that is, his kingdom begins its earthly rule and all obey and not before that.
It appears to me that ontological, cosmological and teleological arguments for and against the existence of the one God who kindly donated all the energy are like the problem given to us by Euclid in his fifth postulate about parallel lines, which finally found solutions in hyperbolic geometries of non-euclidean spaces, of complex numbers existent in the argand plane. But all of that stuff is somewhere in the future for everyone to know about electronics, that is only after the fact of study is it so that anyone of us can learn let alone earn a living and remain independent free from hurt, harm and injury. Some cut wood and others metal others push and file and fit them into artistic shapes, which depends that is reflects merely upon what one is interest in taking good care to make sure the blade does not fly off the handle.
Please remember that atoms are spirits in that mass is a form of energy that the ancient cultural masters could only suppose about and now we have evidence via the photograph with x-ray crystallography that prove that clockwork's: the fact. Especially relative to the tick tock clock of the crocodile that sits below the plank that suspends that popular antagonist, one called Captain Hook ones university professors, that ate the crook line and stinker of plagiarist practices that this peatantic peter pan pointed at them like a long sword without an s into the small of their backs. The name "Paparazzo of Plagiarism" was hard fought for and hard was the fight to win that privileged position at the Tasmanian School of Art by the end of 2001 that space oddity after learning how to see in n-dimensions after eating up the synopsis of categories in Roget's Thesaurus.
" says The average 70 kg adult human body contains approximately 6.7 x 1027 atoms and is "composed of" 60 chemical elements. In this sense, "composed of" means that a trace of the element has been identified in the body. However, at the finest resolution, most objects on Earth (including the human body) contain measurable contaminating amounts of all of the 88 chemical elements which are detectable in nearly any soil on Earth. The number of elements thought to play an active positive role in life and augmentation of health in humans and other mammals, is about 24 or 25.[1]
The relative amounts of each element vary by individual, with the largest contributor due to fat/muscle/bone body composition ratio differences from person to person. The numbers in the table are averages of different numbers reported by different references.
The human body is ~65% water, and water is ~11% hydrogen by mass but ~67% hydrogen by atomic percent."


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