Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Rattle of Hummers Series Verses Parallels Pitch Battle

The choice of A with its treasured measure, what, arbitrarily selected? There is such a thing as the resonant frequency of an emitting and receiving body. How can one tell? Whoops there goes another one, another Monty Python skit, another wine glass has shattered into a multitude of itsy bitsy polka dot bikini pieces. Life in the froth and bubble where photons hit the barrier between two slits w-rapping around unknown islands of stability an event which sees the rush through of waves in series yet the categorical imperative flows in parallels, such that there is a peril, which creates an interference pattern where one of either two conditions are met. One wave after another behave in that identical fashion dear fascist fashionistas. Either null and void each other one hundred percent cancel out each other or double up upon each other at the other extreme. Note please the shape drawn is a series of  hyperbola's. Hyperbolic geometry has one important property in that it establishes a priori its definition of unity a subject very few know much about, unless that is, they complete a long, a difficult, a grueling journey up that extremely high mountain where consciousness is conscientiousness, that place where of promises for fulfillment are gained that few if any will ever get too. One must get ones head around moire' patterns to see that which here is meant. n-joy=peat <3


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