Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Technology Jury is out over Injurious claims

The work of sourcing material from fragments is to say the least an arduous task. What is reality? What is the contribution made by ancient fragments of historical documents or accounts of things as they were then? Yet still all the more confusing is the translation of those texts by scholars of a particular political or religious persuasion. Errors in translation from fragments of evidence is extremely problematic. As is the view of each of the terms as used in the everyday speech of the people who inhabit the polis or city state. The way word meanings change through usage by the citizens of that self said polis. The word meanings as interpreted by poor, middle and upper class observers who express their opinions or viewpoint from their peculiar idiosyncratic perspectives.

Techne is one such term from which much has been borrowed and something blue is all around, that strange place where tie a yellow ribbon around the old oak tree and send the invitations to the wedding feast where all the birds will be fed and tabled with the fabled carrion dishes. Where does art end and where did it end but in epistemic. Yes art is contrivance, is synthetic in its representations of the objects found in nature.

Gunns in Tasmania today, that is, timberrrrrr, what they cry,,,,,, before it falls, graffiti on the wall in launceston circa 2003,,,,,, gunns you might as well use em there killing us anyway,,,,seems that some of their plots got fired up,,,,, went up in smoke,,,,, burnt out and re-tyre-d, rubber nosed with a rubber hose for want of a better sound bite off the old wood chip grinders,,,,,, off by yonder wonder land their possibly burnt out blocks,,,,,,, back to normalcy,,,,,, if and when please define the norm in normal and then witch hunt unit of measurement,,,,,,, post a shot taken with an iblad,,,,,,, lets see which viewing screen it has since the blad 500c or cm is also the big gun of the photo industry, ,,,,,,,personal favorite was an old but bold elm,,,,,, funny that elm spells timberrrr too so every word a picture paints with each letter painted by a pixel pixie against the grain.......A good shot is one that misses the target,,, that is with a real big gun which did not happen with operation castle bravo,,,,, 1954 hydrogen explosion that went two point something times over gunned,,,,,, just a bit too much lithium 6 became 7 then tritium,,,fallout poisoned milk in Queensland as a baby child....that's my excuse,,,,my reason why,,,, its what I'm on or timburred on about....Fire report from Tasmania......

Hammer the gods is an ad godinem type informal logical fallacy since it attacks the gods and not their arguments resulting in one irrelevant concussion! In fact each premise can be neatly stacked into one called ignoratio elenchi or irrelevant conclusion. For god sake all things live and move and breathe for one purpose which is not to hammer one and other since all contain the elements of that divine image which is to love one and other. The law of identity is not going to disappear like a hammer throw from Thor. Such that the planets all bear the names of Gods, do you atheists think it a good idea to change their names? I think that is relevant to all who are not a believer in the truth about he who made all things in his image who suffers no competition for the right to bear that name. Yes politics is a religion when one considerings of it, prove to be the steps one takes in ones daily orthophemistic rebellious walks where one mans disphemism, terrorist becomes an others euphemism: freedom fighter. Why physical science is yet to confirm how gravity works and social science is yet to confirm how politics works and you expect those not atheistic to trust the premises made popular by atheistic peer review networks? God forgive you for the many orders of magnitude that you calculations are in error over the time that went into coding the codon of DNA, RNA messenger and transfer that allows one cell to exist, let alone the trillions that your made from and all of that out of gas called hydrogen melded together in one ancient supernova into star stuff that is matter is a special form of spirit. Methinks it is a one sigma error in your judgements.


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