Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Pre- en-during and Post Natel Care

"It crossed the road so it could see the monkey riding the horse on Bells Beach" said a good friend of mine in relation to the enigmatic question that remains in this post an unmentionable entity. The crypt is full of skeletons, a statement that cannot be denied, when one deals with that absolute, that imperative and that cat-eeeee-gore-icicle subject "Fossil Fuels", "Family Feuds" and "Feudal Federations" for the rights to lay claim to those properties, which have risen in human consciousness from studies of the periodic table of elements. Please excuse that list of nested statements in that very long and complex sentence. One is in one of two possible states included or excluded from the conditions entailed within that which one is witness too in everyday events as an actor on stage in a theatre is attributively speaking that is. It is observed that foxes are the common enemy of chickens in the real world, chickens on the road are a traffic hazard. In the world of fantasy the chicken crosses the metaphorical crossroads to reach the objective called the far side.

Human attributes extended to the domain of the chicken and the monkey much like the extensions outside the real number as a linear domain flipped ninety degrees into the imaginary domain of complex numbers, Argand planes with Mandelbrot sets being the set that entails itself as some sort, some kind or some type of topological map of all of its Julia sets, that place where a seed variable, no matter what number is input, produces the same piece of architecture that was engineered prior to human considerations, Euclid's considerations and prime numbers as sets of numbers who each possess the square of themselves and the triangulations of great necessity for that square not to collapse in upon itself during the next strong gust of wind. That is as factual as a house of cards is possible, I just would not want to live in one. That is, architecture and engineering entail principles that we as humans are not aware of each and every instant we travel down the wormhole that is the memory of time past, time present and time future. We can say yes to 1  big G of acceleration producing one big A or what? Acceleration or Atmospheric Pressure? All the chicken is, is a breathing creature as is the monkey and so are you and so am I. Those conditions exist and continue to exist ontologically, cosmologically, teleologically, tautologically distilled into topology each instant Black, Coffee Anan moment for all the residents of the United Nations exclusively.

The Monkey on the horses back to this chickens considerations as he crossed the proverbial road against the "Don't Walk" sign flashing wildly in the middle of the night's wilderness, where not one car was on the road, must hand in a guilty your honor verdict "I disobeyed that law!" Sentence me to a fine, servitude, it is only work done during an instant of time when one gives credence to the facts of before during and after an event. One's lifespan is an exaggeration when ones compares it's time to the distance one has travelled during the time of its duration to the flick of an eyelash as it the eyelid, cleans the dust off the lens of your eye relative too the time that one greater than that creation has lived.

Frege and Russell's commentary on the conditions that exist in that set of members of it who are not members of themselves. "Who shaves the barber who is not permitted by the statutory authorities to shave himself?" Does he grow a beard instead? Good Queen Bess says that persons in her court must be shaved. Thus the barber who is perfectly able to shave himself has to find another barber to shave his self. Does he pay that barber a taxable amount of money for the contribution of his services or does that barber then shave the other barber in kind that is non taxable? Thus we end up in a sorites paradox. What constitutes a heap? A set of endless barbers all shaving each other in kind, which is as non-taxable to the statutory authorities as it was for the barber to shave himself. Case closed!

The efficient first cause would have to of known that such conditional states were a possibility. For him not to recognize that fact would mean that he is not perfect. We know he is perfect and we know we are not perfect. Thus their is a gap in our understanding, comprehension or ability to resolve and be resolute in the face of the five big f's perhaps six but we will delete that expletive. Fear along with the entailment's of it in fright and responses to it with Fight, Freeze and Flight in that part of the Primeval Brain that governs the flow of adrenaline in the mind body duality problem of Cartesian co-ordinates, stylistically speaking that is for the benefit of fashionista facists, from that part of the brains functionaries surrounding the Amygdala. A subject very few know all about especially when the mind body problem, falsely so called duality is solved by knowledge of the function served to and for all members of the human race via that neurological path labeled by the medical fraternity as the Vargas nerve. One of the 12 members of that part of the human organism called the sympathetic nervous system within which is that set of overarching governing principles contained in it called Mirror Neurones. That part of the organism by which, the, in the absolute sense of it as the definite article entails the object and the verb and its subject by which, whatever occurs to an other and is agonized to of occurred to that other is also occurring inside of you.

Thus the diet of violence fed to us via the "Medium is the messages massage" produces a state of stress, a state where when is is constant fear of the outcomes so delivered a state where one is constantly anxious over the outcome so generated by that events action with the question" Was that me too?". A condition that very clearly is not good. They the authorities then will be questioned about everything that they claim is GOOD. Woe to the earth and to the sea. The winds of change have blown their top off. Mt Fuji might well erupt. The little prince has only three objects on his little planet to deal with. Water the rose so it would flower, clean the volcano's so they don't wreck your planet and the rose one cares for and kill off the baobabs since there possible maximum size is disproportionate to the size of your planet and like weeds threaten to kill your rose. They are the treats and the threats to our fabled yet fabulous little princes well being. The logic, the grammar and the rhetoric so trivial to the geometry, the arithmetic, the astronomy and the music of the spheres being wailed out from that periodic table, that atomic domain where all is spirit travelling through space.

The sun rose on the east coast of Australia this morning. By the time it has set the shadows will have travelled back to the east. Change that policy Mr and Mrs general public under that sun with all of your me and Mr and Mrs general politicians barking out like dogs their likes or dislikes.

This chicken crossed the road on a "WALK" command once. Nearly was run over by a motor bike. Far side of the crossing was not manned by a crossing guard. The event was the Redcliffe Triathlon. One side of that road had been commandeered for them exclusively. They were allowed to go through the red light till the last competitor had passed though to the finish line. So the rule is true for this chicken as well as you. Look right, look left and then look right again or is it the other way around when the traffic approaches from the left? No matter the principle is true which ever way the traffic travels. Take good care when crossing the road or you will find yourself in one of three possible states. Spared yet frighted, hospitalized and bandaged and frighted or in the morgue at the end of your life only good part of that is that which is good, is that one can no longer be frightened.

The perpetrators of atrocities forgot the most important part of knowledge.

 Just finished reading Michael Ende's  surrealistic vision called "The Neverending Story" The Movie version changed some parts or shrunk it down to fit it into a 90 minute time frame. Nevertheless Bastian Balthazar Bux was a lonely bullied hero on a quest who in the end of the Movie version only gained the pleasure of retribution by seeing the bully beef boys put in the proverbial trashcan as they had done with him. That aspect was a corruption of the thematic contents of the book as written a fact that does not surprise me since Ende himself ended up in the proverbial trashcan once others had seized his authorial copy. So much for Steiner and Anthroposophy.

 "The NeverEnding Story was the first film adaptation of the novel. It was released in 1984, directed by Wolfgang Petersen and starring Barret Oliver as Bastian, Noah Hathaway as Atreyu, and Tami Stronach as the Childlike Empress. The music was composed by Klaus Doldinger. It covered only the first half of the book, ending at the point where Bastian enters Fantasia. Ende requested they halt production or change the movie's name, as it had drastically deviated from his novel; when they did neither, he sued them and subsequently lost the case."

Michael Ende became a Bastian and an Atrayu in his own stories extension from his original intention to write a story. AURYN is as ancient as good is to evil and evil is to good as a figure eight is two to the power of three vast gates all need walk through to be complete, predicable and determinable reliable entities. De-ontology is the study of the domain, the study of duty in the absolute of is as an identifier of attributes predicated as belonging either inside or outside the domain of the subject that occur as accidence or unforeseen events and as purpose as foreseen events. Ontology the study of the life in procession of objects verbs and subjects. Cosmology the study of energetic states of all the worlds that man has lived via the culture so created with its laws and regulations the procedures or steps that population follows. Teleology is the antithetical of Ontology in that it studies ends and the means one uses to reach those ends of that ontological beginnings since all one can ever do is witness effects as outcomes few of which are good and most of which are not good. That is as near as it is possible to ready the reckoner for what follows is the nothings wrecking engine at work in that which is not is. The point is nothing under pressure since a point is that which has no parts as an extension from Euclid's first definition.  t 

The chicken crossed the road and got flattened by the laws speculators called lawyers, a subject we as witness observers are privileged to record simply by being spectators. That far side objective, yes, the far side cartoon egg carton cannon, one lemming member in a population of members to all other members of its set, whose levels oscillate from too few to too many, apparently during three year periods, smart enough to carry a rubber ducky, a life jacket over the proverbial terror of overpopulation's overcrowded cloud edge. Do you think that knowledge will assist the little original native inhabitants of this "Terra Nullius" continent, the great southern land? After all they too seem to be able to tell stories also concerning origins of our species of which you and I are prima farce' inhabitants in the case so evident. Is anyone of you aware that one fools tragic action is another fools comic action? Hear and see and taste and touch and feel and reason and ration your way in the dark us fools who know there is a creator who judges wisely, justly, lovingly and powerfully. When we perfectly reflect the divine attributes there will be nothing to fear. No hurt no harm can occur on the holy mountain of Jesus Father YHWH in the latin, JHVH in the spekenze anglais or the tetragrammaton in Hebrew. Otherwise All ah and all ha is those of us in between for whom those two goats were anciently sent on at-one-ment day one to the centre of the circle the other to the wildernesses boundaries.

All ahha as witness to the news and the weather each day as regards death and the consequences of action. In or on, over or under the table of elemental forces, before, during and after any event whereby a will is at work. Through like an arrow pierces the armor of Sancho Panzer's Tank and drains the blood from his face in an instant, white as a sheet tilting at windmills at laws made by man each instant. laws that change at the whim of its users when the shadow's path is predictable each day which way it will travel. All it is safe to say is "Let your kingdom come, let you will take place on earth for the everlasting benefit of all the objects, verbs and subjects ever created. in Jesus name Amen." I dare say Jesus has not yet died of shame for the sins of those who say
 they believe in him then do the exact opposite, worship the beast called nationalism and not wait patiently and in peace for his return and his kingdom to rule forever the domain of earthly in habitation with the one rule that gives one an identity. The golden rule. "Love one god the Father of Jesus as Jesus did and love your neighbor as love yourself as he taught YOU." In the present hour we treat our others like alien strangers when in fact we hold all things in common. Divided and conquered by he who has the most money in their capital register, their book of monetary evaluation or account books. Not good.


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