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On red herrings over Algedonic Alerts

Red Herring A red herring is a clue which is intentionally or unintentionally misleading or distracting from the actual issue.[1] The term is mostly used to claim that the argument of another person is not relevant to the issue being discussed. In mystery fiction, a clue or lead that turns out not to be relevant to the solution of the mystery would also be a red herring.
In the above case the equating of a belief system of atheistic/religious intentions has been extended into the domain of health/disease. Then as an opinion only as a rhetorical device, as an article to support the claims of its authors authority with-in but merely his personal dominion.
To invert the statement will reveal another possible equally silly conclusion.Sure, religion is just another atheism if being diseased is healthy. Pretty funny ha ha and funny peculiar.
ALLAH is ALL AH not ALL HA could get you killed in certain circles.Cannot imagine an athiest being courageos enough to speak that on a public forum without an army to back him up securely.
It is a good idea I know to use the logical if/then/else form.
If atheism is a religion then it has a god whom it worships.
Else/otherwise/if not/by negation, if no god then not a religion.
The fact that it supports secular humanism and its ideology
means that it puts forward or onto pedestals, statues, on to walls portraits, into record books achievements of beings up on high as rewards for merit, therefore is a meritocracy if one assumes that position. In other words the ideal winner, man, woman, child or creature is worshipped in place of the one who kindly donated all the energy for that performance in whatever theatre that actor acted in. No wonder man kind is in trouble since that is so. Find a fault in this logic and please share your thoughts and so inform, all of us about how much you think or believe is of great personal value other than existence within itself as a being, as a creature who also creates things as well, you really do know or be thought a fool for not realising this in the first place. "The fool has said in his heart there is no GOD." Paid the rent/mortgage/tax to the landlord/ banker/taxman lately they are a LORD on earth you know real well. Why, if you are atheistic, do you use the names of the week, months and the planets and the stars since they are named after Greek, Roman and European Emperors Gods and other ancient deities as well as celebrate birthdays, Easter and Christmas with the family? Oh: want to be popular, if so then case closed or else you do not know how to deal with critical time consuming issues with your trust worthy box of tissues.
Then on conspiracy theories to do with moon landings, I put a post up on Quora using the trailer from Capricorn I for a very good reason. One of the myths doing the rounds was that Stanley Kubrick was hired to fake it. Actually who cares whether its fake or not, its one of those whatever events if you see what I mean. Like so long and thanks for the fine presentation of the viewpoint of that blue/white marvel marble called earth from the moon. What more need or could ever be said about that strange event. Hey it gave the whole darn school a few hours out of the classroom here in AU. never forgot that event ever. Witnessed for the first time history in the making thanks to those kind folks at Motorola.In 1969 Neil Armstrong spoke the famous words "one small step for [a] man, one giant leap for mankind" from the Moon on a Motorola transceiver.

Then more work at Quora on the subject heading Atheism. 

One is as good an answer as you will ever get a hold on.
For any number there is its inverse proportional bit part.
There is the as yet to be realized set of optimised set
Of conditions otherwise called that systems potentiality.
However all that is so far realised are Algedonic Alerts
That is have a Beer with Beer enjoy pleasures or pains
From gains or losses in the normalisation of processes
Theoretical measures appear to be supremely useful.
Productivity: the ratio of Actuality and Capability or P=A/C
Latency: the ratio of Capability and Potentiality or L=C/P
Performance: the ratio of Actuality and Potentiality or P=A/P
Performance: the product of Latency and Productivity.or P=LP
LP=A/P and that is from one of this worlds efficiency experts.
Consider the management of a process with cash earnings
or savings for a company or government:
potentially £100,000
but aiming to make £ 60,000.
Actually sales, savings or taxes of £40,000
are realized.

So P= Potentiality = £100,000;
C= Capability = £60,000;
A= Actuality = £40,000.

Thus Latency = C/P = 60/100 = 0.6;

Thus Productivity = A/C = 40/60 = 0.67;
Performance = A/P =or 40/100 = 0.4.
Performance = LP = 0.6 × 0.67 = 0.4

These methods (also known as normalisations) can be similarly applied in general e.g. to hours worked in the performance of tasks or products in a production process of some kind.

When actuality deviates from capability, because someone did something well or something badly, an algedonic alert is sent to management. If corrective action, adoption of a good technique or correction of an error, is not taken in a timely.manner the alert is escalated. Because the criteria are applied in an ordered hierarchy the management itself need not be, but the routine response functions must be ordered to reflect best known heuristic practice. These heuristics are constantly monitored for improvement by the organization's System 4s.

Pay structures reflect these constraints on performance when capability or potential is realized with, for example, productivity bonuses, stakeholder agreements and intellectual property rights.
By the same method one can infer that the energy efficiency that contains the universe is kept running as an inference from the facts of these particulars and that a general conclusion that is in agreement with this method is in good order. The question asked is this. Would a universal creator who has fine judgement vast years of experience not use this same method to govern that creative enterprise?

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