Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Merry critical mass forget your happy new gear.

X-mass gravitas railway centrals journey to the centre of the earth, brave new world orders rowing the boat on a sea of salty croc of crappy nappie tears of now, of eviction notices, hide your heads in the sand stupid ostriches, the axeman superior orders to cut down that x-mass tree, fairies will be carried off into captivity by the bailiffs wax stamped and sealed red sky letter, that day, abandon hope all ye who enter here of ever getting off the ground, that is of course unless your be-lie-f, that is your faith in the loving kindness of ones fellow men gives them permission to rip you off, at the level of the banking institutions policy of usury, like a prostitute is trade between the banks and the worlds governments, controlling the flow of resources, limiting supply of land so they can raise the prices, no wonder people live on the streets like the homeless, some silly man set fire to his house in the uninvited states of Amerigo Vespucci so called promised land and when the firies turned up, took some pot shots at them, missed the mark, firies are furious but ok, deceiver of them is not, shot himself, fire the suicide note, that was the news from the air of yesterday on x-mass day, December 25th of 2012,  human law is built on a lie, rip your neighbours property off is diametrically opposed to helping ones neighbours out, get out of the way we the government with the biggest guns, "Terra Nullius" vacant possession, strait jacketed by the beast of govern mental agency, upside down land all in prison with the wizard of idiocies spook, oh, oh yeah, she loves you yeah, yeah yeh, when he who has the gold makes up the rules, to suit their selfish interests, pay as you enter, pay as you go, pay as you exit the land, you never heard of Eddie Mabo, who of you is not high  in ones endocannabinoid system and the act of running is not pleasurable, ahh, the loneliness of the long distance runner? Merry critical mass forget your happy new gear. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>>
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