Saturday, December 29, 2012

one perfect day for lemmings at the fiscal cliff

Why is it so? That with the addition of 1-2-3-4-5 that there are two possible methods to arrive at the solution.  One which involves the repetitive action of addition the other involves a simple multiplication. In this simple series I.E. 1+2+(3)+4+(5) = 3x5 = 15 when and where we take the middle number and multiply it by the last number in the series, we acheive the goal so simply, how strange? What if the number of numbers in the list is even? How is a solution to an infinite series arrived at? Take any number divide it by two and add one half as a number or 1/2 or .5, no not a half life, nor any radioactive component, not even the half spin of an electron in its orbit but a simple 1/2 added to the n/2 which must then be multiplied by n and in all cases and all instances , the equation  n x (n/2+1/2) or in ultra simple layman's terms any number gives one the correct solution, where you will be enabled to add up billions of numbers in a few seconds of time if you have access to a calculator. Genius! Half the numbers in existence divide by 2. Why that +1/2 or .5 provides the solution is any-bodies question to answer!

Peat: Did u know that the first 36 numbers when added up consecutively equal 666?
MAN-KIND: So What?

Who, what, when, where, how, why, which, whom and whose responsibility is it? The nine honest serving men too serve you all your life. The attributes contained in the equation, sum of n numbers being equal too the multiplication of n or any number by its 1/2 + 1/2 in parenthesis preceded all by an infinite amount of volume within which mass can be pressurised to contain. Massive amounts of energy within which time could occur for each individual such that one lives with a column of air at sea level of one atmosphere that is the product of one gravity of downward pressure, common to all not a privileged few, kings, queens, ministers and their peasant servants. Sum of n = n x (n/2+1/2) at the very least provides a reliable answer to the sorities paradox of what constitutes a heap. n/1 x 1/n, in all cases and instances equals 1. There are no exceptions to the rule except where n = 0. So there is nothing and one as a concept noun in "we are one" or its inverse "we are nothing" that is the choice is made by difference. But then we are one man which is the verbal use in "we're one man" in that 2x2 = 4 grandparents, then 8 then 16 then 32 then 64 so all memory is, is digital or period doubled and at 36 generations we all have more family members in our tree than there are presently in existence on earth at this time. Find an exception to the rule and I will say thank you till then Praise the Lord of Hosts and Hostesses to whom we remain as a Guest, who constructed time for one bit of space for one to live in. The subject is of immeasurable worth, one that has no dollar or pound value at least in MAN KINDS words since the units of measurement are arbitrary or open to ones opinion. My forearm is different to the length of your forearm and then, by how many immmeasurable to the human eye: nanometres?

We are all like Paul, MAN_KIND, blinded by the light of the Lord on the road to Damascus with its factory to manufacture Damascene Swords from  Wootz Steel. Seems trace elements, or carbides were found long ago by the Tamil Tigers, possibly around the same time as a rather odd bridge was built between Sri Lanka and the Indian Continent called Adam's Bridge in the west and Rama's Bridge in the east. They invented steel manufacture in other words or found whether by accident of design the fact that carbon and iron form a stronger and more flexible bond. It seems that Wootz Steel was probably bought back from east to west by Alexander the Great. Rather odd that Sir Joseph Banks or Captain Cooks botanist should be involved with the introduction of the technology into the modern eras steel manufacture. Methinks that kind of steel would make really really good plowshares.

The wonder of the properties contained by the water cycle. On ya bike boys and girls to playtime with light, moire' and diffraction gratings we who live in upside down land in the employment of the camera obscura made from droplets of water perched upon a tiny head. Why is Earth not organized according to the watershed and all political borders thus annihilated forever?


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