Thursday, January 10, 2013

ignoratio elenchi

Firstly define ignoratio elenchi as the irrelevant conclusion the concussion that democracy is Mr Azimov. The state is the status quo with its plans and objectives, its potential and its actuality to produce what a product or awareness? Do not see much potential in the zeroth law do you? Robots should not kill humans and other robots. Fine idea except that "I wouldn't want to be like you." said the Robot to the Human. The scare stare decisis or law of precedent of superior orders which orders humans to kill one another in the name of its state still exists where the protection of nationalistic boundaries holds precedence over individual rights and well being. From your grave do you believe you can order its end or not? I think not! That threat still exists and no one has the power over life and death except the one that the vast majority are in a state of denial over. Rebel soldiers in disguise as freedom fighters to the left and terrorists to the right rule the worldly chaos.


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