Monday, October 8, 2012

"Atheism is a religion"


Over there in Quora is a thread entitled "Is atheism just another religion?"

[QUOTE=Quora Steve Andrews]Atheism, in the form of Secular Humanism, is technically defined as a religion by the supreme court of the United States. Check out the 1961 case of Torcaso v. Watkins (367 U.S. 488) for more. So, yes. Atheism is a religion. As a world-view it makes claims on where we come from, where we're going and how we should live.[/QUOTE]

Sometime ago I left a post on Frostcloud "Atheism is a religion" to retrieve said work is proving to be more difficult than I can get my head around since Forum's Administrator decided on its "New Age Theme". The inserting of the following string produces evidence of the threads but access in not granted so TIA rants on in his rant about aunts and uncles poetically speaking with his stream of consciousness style of articulation where the predicate is narrowed down adverbially speaking.

ICESTORM below is a link to present day site analysis.

#1 google this search term. atheism is a religion
#2 click link for an update of your statistical influence of 0

First 2000 years of human history or what actually did occur. Note please that well poisoning is a major tactical manoeuvre by the enemy to get immigrant neighbors away from their turf. Refer to story of Isaac in Genesis as the Stare Decisis or law of set precedents. Solution build another well further away. Let them dig the old one up themselves. So I dug this well instead. The Thermosphere is in all likelihood the source of the deluge of 1656 PM. Post Man rings once. Mail as a sequence and the last one is to place it in the box at the address marked on the side the stamp is on,

Shem was alive during Isaac and Rebecca's and Jacob's and Esau's children's times. 2158 PM or Post Mankind. Deluge IN 1656 PM approx 2 yrs so it seems is what it took the Earth to dry out. 24 generations to the grandchildren of Israel. The true history of Mankind's ORIGIN. Not an imagined fabrication of LIES as the mad doctor scientists propose as an alternate history, I do not buy their proposal. They in their philosophical schools well, may poison the well to stop others from camping on the ground they believe they own. They speak of ontological,, cosmological and teleological PROOF'S OF THE EXISTENCE OF THE GOD. Duh! It is and that's that! That is the education the verb received and reviewed information via to educe about memory and Alzheimer's Disease since exit from Eden has proved to mankind beyond a shadow of doubt to of been a process, in procession to reverse engineer the productive efforts of the ORIGINAL PRODUCER OF ALL THE ENERGY THAT IS CONTAINED IN THE HEAVENS/UNIVERSE THAT IS AT ONCE BENEVOLENT "FREE WILL TO DECIDE BEST PRACTICE" via the principal of algedonic alerts in that utilitarian dimension from pain of failure to pleasure of success " YET CAN ALSO BE USED WITH MALEVOLENCE ALL THE WAY TO HOLOCAUSTS AND ATOM BOMBS, 4000 YEARS PAST THOSE ANTI-DELUVIAN EVENTS.

The academic institutions will do all they can to prove that I am mad, discredit the man not his claims an ad hominum argument which like a red herring misleads the audience to form irrelevant conclusions to the point of putting one in a straight jacket and put one in a padded cell if they want too prove something to themselves, then lets see them be that foolish. Have a go, come and take me away, ha ha, he he and ho ho ho to those giving gifts at Christmas, atheistic hypocrites. They might well seek to poison the well that they themselves drink from, too, oh they have already have and no-body noticed. The thief visited and stole the pig of plagiarism and away he run with his tom tom GPS drum and is banging hard as he can upon the keyboard of it.

They well might desire to give an imagined account of mankind's alternative history via the Darwinian Theological School of Evolution. They may well be out by many orders of MAGNITUDE. 13.7 BILLION OR 1/137 IS THE FINE STRUCTURE CONSTANT. THE 33RD PRIME NUMBER. May well be true however to say if implies a doubt that requires a then statement and if not a then statement. So I will say since it is the fact as measured by Eddington and agreed to by members in attendance in that 1927 Solway Conference, perhaps they might be able to explain why Eddington ended up in hospital in room 137? They cannot! Since they cannot explain that event how do we trust, then place confidence in any one of their definitions, propositions and axiomatisations for impredication, incompleteness and indeterminacy?

These thoughts are as predicated, completely determinable by the intelligent among us. The area of earth's atmosphere from approx 70-80 kilometres and above all the way too 600 kilometres filled with the waters above would of been one the source of the deluge waters and two an extremely powerful barrier to cosmic radiation which accounts for anti deluvian longevity and three a most wonderful thermal blanket that would of seen the whole earth enjoying a tropical atmosphere. Hence Woolly Mammoths being found preserved in permafrost environments appearing to of been quite literally snap frozen in time. The funds for research into that phenomena have so far not been forthcoming. The search is on for the man with the silver bullet pointer in his POWERPOINT PRESENTATION. The Kantian noumena or noumenon names for things we have yet to find, like the properties that define them like Mambalgin 1 and 2 a patent applied for medicine made from mamba snake venom, supposed to be a better painkiller than Morphine one substance whose properties show clearly what is the little we know about that which we do not know about mats and cats swept under them by secret service agents, AKA the modern day version of Pinkerton's Detective Agency V The Hole in the Wall Gang or CIA verses Cyber-criminals and Quantum Encryption's uncrackable codes.

Gabriel is not an archangel as in a covering angel with powers like the firstborn of the production called Michael. That is when one treats the hierarchies like a family tree.

I dare say that the secret agents of whatever state and the members so elected whose agency allows them, the ones collecting the evidence, James Bond types, working for their imperialistic masters, to find then prosecute their criminals amongst us, "can do" about as much as Bob Ansett can do or Barak Obama can do or  Campbell Newman can do which was not a lot with Mum's and Pop's pictures of the can do cats can do and the can do dogs can do too in relation to attitudes towards survelllance.


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