Saturday, December 22, 2012


Critical times hard to deal with are upon us, earthquakes in one place after another, wars and reports of wars, false prophets galore, if one hears a report there he is in the wilderness, do not believe them. Since this is the case for the time of the end of the world where division into classes within families, tribes, nations began with the confusion of the tongues at the work done by the men from the table of nations who were spread out to the entire inhabited earth since that event of what, 4000 years ago and still we deal with the babel of confusion? The question then becomes what sort, kind or type of spirituality will replace it or what will the kingdom promised by Jesus at his 2nd presence or parousia do to change the attitudes of his flock of true believers such that in one thousand years Earth is transformed into a paradise state? The Earth resides forever and the promise to not see any tears or pain is yet to be fullfilled and the Devil with his black art of deceit has yet to be bruised in the head. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>>

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