Saturday, May 28, 2011

Ever Notice

We the men of earth do respect the fact that we can sense force.
If not then are we not on the fractal ice storm's lake on ice skates?
Then are we practicing hard for what, Frostcloud Olympics as source?
Else use boolean logical analysis of national entities in united states.

What separates all from each other is space and time to move in it.
Military hardware sent to Israel used to construct hydrogen bombs.
How do I know that said bad storm to good teacup as it emptied it?
Industrial Revolutions emptied land's of people with model T bombs.

Declared war on the land to feed the starving population's appetite.
Concentration camp's now city of citizen's feeding from a pig trough.
Labeled a supermarket so now children believe food grows in petite,
Ly made artistic designer bottles synthetic paradise in boxes tough.

Ever notice occurance as smallest man cell meets woman's largest?
Never notice all of us are related birds to fish know no borders guest.

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