Sunday, June 19, 2011

IS a TIS it IS

To record a scene that is any scene nameable requires each color to replicate.
Thus the artist the writer the photographer the sculptor deal in density of mediums.
Theoretical white on your monitor is 256 zones of Red, Green and Blue triadic dots.
Variations in steps of 1 in an 8 bit matrix produce 1.6 million colour absolutes.

Known as GAMMA and on Apples it is or was 1.8 and in windows 2.2 as the standard.
This leads us into the area where the limit is set from correct calibration of inputs.
Remember the desired result IS correct demonstration of the colors in the final results.
As to which way the replicated entity is defined is absolutely dependent on inputs.

Please Click for correct demonstration thankyou Norman Koren.

Above Ant One suggests the age old problem in infinite regressions of circularity.
Remember the primary objective is an exact replica of the original production.
If that product is of no practical importance then the work is in word and deed in vain.
Artificial intelligence suggests to us a way to save us some tedious work and pain.

The ALL and SOME problem is resolvable but only from an epistemological perspective.
My reading of it is that the most abstract of words are the little words like IS A TIS IT IS.


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