Saturday, May 28, 2011

Cost Of Living Or Restitution

Jason Whatley on facebook
‎"What about the families that end up without a breadwinner? It doesn't sound right to me". Your accent doesn't sound right to me.

Cost Of Living Or Restitution = C.O.L.O.R.

Zero non support is a tautology, non and zero speak twice to what need be said but once. Fact is breadwinners without means of production or no support structure are left on their own to defend the fort from the bailiff sent to collect the debt. Blame, flame, shame game aim the arrow, the bullet point home. In Australia, word is out that after the demise of the one cent piece, soon no more five cent pieces, some time later the ten, then twenty, then fifty and after that the rafter in the eye, the bill the dollar the cave idol sent to capital punishment, burnt at the stake, head guillotined by gravitas, pinned to the wall of a museum like a butterfly frozen in Bose Einstein condensate. The horror, the terror is economics is only a theory.

Inflationary trends relate to interest rates, housing developments, roads that once were farmland. Shopaholics give and take, budgets balanced, like books in a deportment class, get a job, punch that time sheet or get one on the jaw? Which accent and which dialect? Trading time for mammon means love of money is at the root of all evil, we need a backhoe to dig the sucker out.

The law of correct demonstration is not what happened in Chinaman Square, Red Square, Place de la Concorde and Obama v Osama, it is something else we will need to learn. Till then trade your time for money to support the family and money for the time of another to buy someone else's time on down the track to the poor man retrieving their rubbish from the rubbish tip where all past wealth appears to be swept under the earth's strangest of all magic carpets to become a future mine of fossil records, fuels and objects de' arte.

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