Saturday, December 22, 2012

On Proper Nouns

One must thank people for information and for strangers at that for the link to the Dunning-Kruger study, where from the supporting studies section, the following statement was retrieved from "poor performers do not learn from feedback suggesting a need to improve." To my limited skills in reasoning, logic, grammar and writing negative feedback is vitally important. I do not believe I can improve that skill set without negative feedback. As a matter of fact negative feedback loops in the present day political order are more often than not, met with an ostrich with its head in the sand mentality. Positive feedback loops produce a society of egomaniacs, note please, all the gala awards events so popularised by the modern day cultural enterprise. Old Bertie was not without his critics and nor am I immune to criticism. After reading up on the subject of impredication, which, to little old me is the prime problem to solve in the introduction of a skill set of accurate reasoning I found a fatal flaw in reasoning in their defining of proper nouns lacking connotation, and all of that since Bentham invented utilitarianism in the nineteenth century. The subject is long and complex and difficult to deal with especially with limited physical resources to test the theory. The experiment with proper nouns begins as follows. Google proper noun and find the wiki article. Note Microsoft as a proper noun. For the logicians Bentham, both Mills, Frege, Russell and Emily Elizabeth Constance Jones to make such a blunder defies belief. For the proper noun "Microsoft" is a company with vast resources. To say the people, plant and knowledge existent inside that incorporated entity lacks connotation means to me at least, please provide negative feedback if wrong, that in all likelihood, they, the logicians have a different definition than do Mr and Mrs General Public. Lets say that "Microsoft" cease to exist. OK there are implications should such an event occur and that have serious connotations for the future of all involved both bosses, employees, users and especially stakeholders. I rest my case your honour. Proper nouns do possess connotation.


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