Saturday, December 22, 2012

Creationist Science Fair Play

Pretty funny it is with orders of magnitude, like as if a scientist thinks for a nano second, and by the way we are all in one and much the same one, that is the one in which, he or she was present at that specific moment, all this material in space and time jumped into existence of its own volition if you believe in eve-olution and not developments and thus make vain attempt to change the ancient records in history books of accounts as rendered. Forget the evidence that in the stuff above their heads is a band from 75 to 600ks. Up above our heads an hours drive away, exists a plasma shield called the thermosphere from which the waters of an ancient flood came, which, when in existence would introduce serious errors in the carbon 14 uptake equations, on account of greatly decreased radiation absorption, which explains the longevity of the people of that anti-deluvian era. Yes the cause of an effect ignored, that they did that with a fact because of confirmation bias, yes they the academic community fell into that trap so easily is a fact much the same as Eve and Adam once did over the tree of good and evil. The ignorant ignoramuses to their discredit, put into a situation where, they have not even bothered to factor the effect of that water canopy in, as a matter of fact, have not ever thought of it, for as old as Methuselah was he died in the year of that flood in 1656 AE. 6000 years of recorded history plus 6x7000 years =48,000 years and 1000 years till the end of the first creative week or epoch and a brand new creative week of work begins. All moments in time exist in the presence of he who created us to perceive time as the image of he who made us in that distant past to exist in the distant future out from the loins of Eve and Adam, just do justice for justice, do the sums. We are all related. All own two parents who each had two parents ad infinitum..1000 years ago and in one thousand years at a median age of 28 means that in 33 generations you have more parents or children in your personal family tree than there are people now present on earth.

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