Thursday, December 20, 2012


We have a choice? Poison Letters? Gideons Way-The Thin Red Line? Balaclava? Military Silver? General Broke? Gambling Debts? GEM TV? OZ? New World Films, Orders and Translation? High Tides? Storm Surges? Where there is smoke there is fire? Where there is fire there is self oxygenation of gunpowder plots and the Heldeberg, Black Box recovery missions, Amscor, its not Rocket Science? Cover UPS! Deceit deception Nationalistic Patriots Games, apartheid policies, nationalism is a form of racism! God v Devil! Order V Chaos! Know my choice! Water, Water everywhere and not a drop to drink! "LOVE CONQUERS ALL! Pauls treatise on the unknown GOD, delivered to the Greek Marketplace, Areopagus plus Cor 13 superior orders long neglected! Short and Sweet. Mankind has inherited some bad habits, Money Sex, Violence are addictions from which they suffer withdrawal symptoms, news of the day on the Internet, television and radio transmitted to receivers!. Evidence is around all all the time! The water cycle needs to be better understood.

Freedom to speak peak eak ak k, what hat at t, degrees kelvin or time for a c-hang-e, zero of 20,000 leagues under the sea with Nemo?

Confronting comfort time to reappraise constitutional law, the right to bear arms in this case gave them the right to bear the shovel to bury the victims, swords into plowshares gains a new understanding, not just in the, us of a, but also in china, not only there but since Cain the first man of woman born slew his Able bodied brother and why, because he was jealous that his sacrifice was rejected and his brothers found acceptance. Bloody mindedness of all that destructive energy preserved in nationalism as a form of racist propaganda and internal national structures where the rich poor divide promote class structures via that self same consitutional propaganda engine, news of the world, in print, on radio, over television and now via the net thanks to Burners, Lee ward winds domain called C.E.R.N. and so it seems the LHC and gravitas swept under the carpet over there one swiss/french border. All men are created equal? If so then how come such a huge division in that which is owned by rich and poor in any nation, not just the us of a, and china? As if one can throw tiles and then fall into place with Computer Graphics , juggle a paint brush and cover the water stain of the ceiling, in that there Star Studded cargo cult where little kids with remote controls take on the form of wizards with magic wands! Now the CON C.E.R.N. is Copy Cat Killing of protons to find the cause of gravity! Lest we forget, Jesus died because of that lawlessness which by the way is the definition of sin, that's gravitas, a very weighty matter. Fear the true God he loves us that much for free will is free to control and free to let it get out of control. When all not some become aware of their obligation, their duty to that calling peace will rule on earth and not before. Cracked a silly joke the other day Santa Claus sounds like a sentence clause. Life the sentient cause works just as well. Only the living can cause change to occur!

Roughly speaking and in summary conclusion it means figuratively speaking we are comparable to slugs crawling over a razor blade when time is moving at light speed, tiz accurate to with in present day techne' or art of capture of one million frames per second in that we can stop motion and find little more than Eadweard Muybridge found, which proved beyond a shadow of a doubt once and for all time that horses have all four feet off the ground at one time, which made all previous artistic representations instantly redundant and look stupid, foolish and an absolute folly. n-joy=peat<8(1)>>

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