Monday, November 5, 2012

Formula 0

Iterations = 15
cr = -0.7; ci = 0.65
cj = 0.0; ck = 0.0
4th-dimension: zk

Formula 1 for me  was what I ate first, otherwise called mothers milk! Subject to political controversy as well. Baby formula is an alternative therapy formula 2. Solid stuff is formula 3 is stuffed solid. Am tempted to post a Lois Armstrong track here MammmmmMeee. For the moment grammar is formula 2 order of words SVO in English, and logic formula 1, the word identifies the thing whether concrete, verbal or abstract and rhetoric's formula 3 means the vini vidi vici way it is all articulated, yell it, whisper it, oscillate it, sing it in three part harmony, growl it, hum it to give the words any meaning that you want the audience to hear. The ancient trivium from which the term trivial comes from. Foundational stuff. Ever thought of national anthems as religious songs and nationalism as the root of racist attitudes, wars and contentions? You know how people tend to worship their pride of place in being 1 in formula 1 and everyone behind them last? Think about it and get back to with an anti- formulation. n-joy=peat

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