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The challenge to/for/of JOB in relation to the idols or the tribe, cave, market and theatre in the context of recent historical developments as per Francis Bacon's thoughts on the matter in the 17th century. Yes 300 hundred years ago and 3000 years ago overlaid, one upon one and other. That merely, within the time frame of the last half of human history to the end that, New York has been trashed by a windstorm, some say the cause is global warming, some say it was directed by the H.A.A.R.P. Project and I say it was directed by Jehovah the Father of Jesus. To what end then would that loving father then be directing our attentions toward?. The ancient of days has proved to be merciful simply in allowing us to be, to exist, to do and make do, sincerely so, then why all of that destruction and so be it, we witness these results, the BOB A JOB MAN deserted in sackcloth and ashes? Power baby POWER! That city state and all like it will suffer the same end on account of one JOB, one work, one word and one LOVE for one law not the diversity of intentions that create contentions in family, city, state, national and international laws. Laws where men put men in pride of place and not the father of Jesus, so yours sincerely says, they have reaped what they have sowed. That is all that need be said for one mans freedom fighter is the other mans terrorist and that means to me that both sides of that contentious arrangement are rebels in a state of rebellion over the substance called their voluntary powers of the will. The term freedom of the children of God is recalled to mind. They have freedom to speak about he whom created them and yet to the state and its enterprises they in the past have been treated as the rebels by that said state and died miserable pitiful deaths as a result of that rebellion all the way from exit of Eden to the present era. Nothing but trouble makers lets kill them get rid of the fleas and lice hidden beneath the beasts hairy surface. Well ever watched a dog or a cat scratch it's fleas? Frank n' storm should get a few fleas from off our national enterprises back. Have I not just said "God is a si Dog" which is to say the least being extremely dogmatic?

First attribute of he who is greater than all of us is humility. That dog is a palindromic anagram of god is extremely strange. Mystifying is extremism. Stuck in the muddle with you sunshine. Tar babies on fire Uncle Remus. Ever since Philadelphia's oil rigs began to extract the tar in tarmac that all the cars drive on, to iron out the many bumps and the many puddle splashes on the paintwork on the horseless carriage that rolls one to and fro from work to home to work again, across the surface of the earth, so we could travel faster to get to the local big mac outlet: get it tarmac. The worst kind, sort, type of joke is the one that has to be explained. Reciprocating engines from steam trains to the modern day automobile and the products of the industrial system sped things up since the concept of mass production arrived popularly attributed to one Mr Henry Ford when in fact the idea was stolen, plagiarised from he who made all things in his image from the engine that constructed matter in the first place in the crucible of the ancient supernova that created all that matters. Blocks of land divided up the earth like it was a giant ark of the covenant and the roads the caulking of the seams to stop the water from entering in and sinking the great space ship called the earth with planets forming a funny sort of vortexial arc around train stations galactic central. Jehovah has sped things up and did we bother to take the time to thank him for the privilege of service to an enterprise far greater than our personal self interest? NO!

Sausage, role and barbie cued ken dolls and John Peel with his coat so grey in the evening after hunting foxes from the glen one leaves one mystified in wonder, in puzzlement over loves diversity of confessions because we were all caught red handed showing of all things: fellow feelings. Which John Peel the hunter or the disk jockey?


Thus to affirm is to affirm in yes, yes I will do as you tell me LORD and to deny is to deny in no, no I will not do as you tell me LORD. The case instance or precedent as laid down previous to our arrival on earth is from either of one of two sources whom the children of Ham would serve beyond the time of the appearance of that first rainbow ever witnessed by the eyes of mankind. I remember a covenant being made at that time otherwise called "The Rainbow Covenant" of Gen. 9:13 and since Newton's Optics who does not have insider knowledge of the process occurring with refractive indexes of transparent substances such as plastic, glass and diamond interfaces with air, as thin fair air, gaseous thin air? The manufacture of new shiny fibre optic cables means surely that we stand on Newton's shoulders now and see a view, oh, and I experience an extreme case of vertigo when I look down, better it is, to gaze up to the heavens with a telescope than gaze down upon it with a microscope. We have seen so much more than he could, could ever have hoped to dream of, stuff that would never have crossed his mind, to even begin to contemplate, let alone comprehend, substance states beneath the lens of microscopes in the minuscule domain below the 1 to 1 or 1 on 1 basketball game of macroscopic economics. And, then onto that subject of obey, get onto it, one day from the knowledge that he, old Uncle Isaac gleaned, we the recipients of it, that was, is and willed into existence an eternal world that would see an international light speed network where all would come together to find they are a part of one large family called "The Human Race" wondering who would be first across the line at the Olympic games. Yet the Hebrew originated from the seed with the Shemetic families tradition kind of, sort of and type of red man in the equation over the search for a sign, constituted as being evil or of Greek origin as the seed of the Japethetic tradition the search for wisdom, oh dear, little green men, aliens to the red mans tradition, constituted also as being evil. So Ham gazed upon his father Noah's nakedness and yes we have the family tradition of all his children here in that forever present NOW, now, don't get angry, yes, with us too this day with the Blues men and their music. All the colours of the rainbow with the phosphors glowing phosphorescence's there in front of all of us on the television, under the magnifying glass, burned like ants each night as some members of the entirety of the all encompassing US, enjoy the horrid splendour of shows like criminal minds, cops, border patrol  and any one of those other fearful exports generated by the media's mess age that is your countries movie studios export of its psychotic fears. What beast is Leviathan? Vertically Challenged! YES or NO?

7x7000 = 49,000 years of which we little men have a small role to play in our sixty perhaps seventy journeys around that celestial solar radiator cooked like swans on a spit. So since the 7th day began we as conscious entities made in the image of that ones creations are enabled to give all the things in that property a name, and then from minuscules in the periodic table to stars used to guide ones way across that turbulent open sea, in that, as seed from the loins of Adam and of Eve via Noah and his red, green and blue sons and their mitochondrial DNA, Eve of even and eventide and eventualites wives, we too have gone that distance, so many times around the sun, in that matter as it spins past galactic centrals station which is also travelling around some as yet unknown center. Just short of 1000 or 1/49th of the way to go. A generation comes and a generation goes, since so then what legacy will one leave for those as yet unknown children buried behind ones loincloths? What will they find that you or I did not find?

Your renderings of the vision of the one on the white horse repeat the teachings of Nostradamus. The Antichrist is according the good news in, 1 John 2:22, the one who denies the father and the son, it is those who do that that are the liar. The teaching of the trinity as the picture of the godhead is one such anti-christian teaching when GOD asked us to love one and other not kill one and other because the church you belong to is the states religious institution supported by political leaders who are members of that church. And which political party does the pastor of the church you support, support? An idea with a whole rafter of ideologies blinding the eyes of all anti-christian personalities much as Paul was blinded by the very Lord himself for daring to oppose the will of that one, well Paul repented did he not? Good and Well, he soon learned and I hold out the same hope to you.

"In case of rapture this bus will be unmanned" said the bumper sticker advertisement. Just to write that, to repeat it, makes me feel sick at heart for those who put faith in that kind of knowledge. Especially when Jesus simply said let your yes mean yes and your no mean no relative to the law of love within, the morale law, which all of the law is contained in with every nation, tribe and tongue of all the peoples of the earth. The Golden Rule is that law, THE UNIVERSAL PRINCIPLE of RECIPROCAL ARRANGEMENTS and the law of love where one holds to the opinion or view that one loves the Father of Jesus as Jesus did no matter what test an other puts upon oneself to change ones point of view, which is to do the best you can to love your neighbor, even when they do not love you. Paul's conversion on the road to Damascus, that place made famous for the manufacture of, up till very recent times, for the finest of steel swords made from mineral imported all the way from of all places India.

They will not learn war anymore is the end result of prophecy. No more harm done to one and other on this holy mountain of consciousness the end result. Call the father of Jesus what you will, YHWH in Hebrew sounds like Yahweh in Latin and Jehovah in English and one of the few texts left in the KGV is Psalms 83:18. Whose name is the LORD in certain translations has left the this world with many LORDS and many KINGS all giving us very good advice to pay the bill, to pay the rent or go to jail and then as a result of monetary policy, but then the worship of money is the religion of the them there far off hills and mountains of a far off far away world where the landed gentry tell you what is best practice for you because it is best for them to get richer on the work others do on their behalf. Yes they act like parasites upon their others and they the bother boys of their godfathers mafiosa brothers who also go to church and believe the trinity like protestant believers also do.

Not much has changed since Nimrod rebelled and built cities and head hunted men to come and live in them so he could extract free labor, thus get others to do he and his wife's dirty work. Did you know Kaiser Wilhelm, King George V and Czar Nicholas were all first cousins, that WW I was a family feud all their subjects were drawn into? Shocking news about there wretched views, yes indeed, yet so true. Wicked men and impostors were prophesied to enter in and not treat the flock with kindness. your pastor is not the gate keeper Jesus is the way the life and the hope to any one desiring access to the throne room of his Father, Adams father and your father too. Thanks to the 10,000,000 odd taxpaying citizens of Australia for their kind donation of one cent per year for my personal welfare. It is not very easy living in a wealthy land and being left without a plot of land to support oneself with when the standard cost of living is four times that amount. I am doing quite well and thank you all for taking the time to listen which will mean absolutely nothing to those not called or selected or chosen to be with him in the promised kingdom on earth to come.


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