Sunday, November 11, 2012

Tim the Tree Man

hmmm.....tim the tree man,
out on a limb,
saw in his hand,
cut to the chase,
a plan for a man,
trunk of the tree on
the far side of his saw,
cracking and crashing
with thunderous roar,
hurrah at ahha
parting applause,
for tim is now sore
beyond words after soar
down to earth we saw,
tim fall on his saw.
we saw a puddy tat
cheshire grin,
grim ace of a pain,
thought of as a gain,
insight into words,
similitude in saw
with sore and soar
we saw, tim the pirate,
no shouldered parrot,
nor, three cornered hat,
just a scarecrow
with a stick up his back,
now we know no,
not what to do
with a bad idea,
with blood splatters
to splutters to mutters
to matters to punters
to putter downers of
great import to flying tim duck,
what is he on about,
its but,
the size of a twig
on a wig
just brush it off
old tim,
brush up on
photo shop
skills you knit,
a stitch in time
saves a cat o nine tails,
so that's where that parrot went too?
lost and found department at the local police station ????
funny bone farm with a nice clean white coat with very long long sleeves required???
a couple of strong men to help lend a hand???
short stay in a nice little room with soft padded walls???
for want of a nail the battle was lost.
no worries no credit rating.

Live like someone left the credit card open ended?
Not for long Jack as puppy smacks back to ground!


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