Friday, November 2, 2012

Ephalents and brownian notions

Propaganda of the spin doctors as an elephant in the room bouncing out the rhythm on the trampoline of internal world and external world inter party conflicts of interest. Beware of strangers the words portrayed by the mediums massage via the pathway labelled "PROPAGANDA". The inquisitions subject placed upon the table for to enable the able bodied man to annihilate the fables. The board for the administration of the faith "WAS" the report I heard from dear old uncle Henry Fowler in "Modern English Usage"'s prescriptive tome which held up many an editor of a paper like someone had pointed a gun at their head with the attached caveat "Stand and Deliver". Brainwashed is what we are or what we have proved to be! Take two pills with extract of weeping willow bark in the morning to quite the barking dog experience of a migraine headache. There is inside the give and outside the take and for one to take is to accept the gift and for the other to give is to accept the parting of some part of that state that caused that substance to exist within their self in ones maintenance program formulated via the following equation v=dt. Seems mankind has a bad case of the dt's with Shannon entropy overriding cybernetic's information theories.

One must accept that reality with graciousness to expect nothing back in return for ones labours. All of modern and classical physics algebraic equations distill from and into that expression and how it articulates the turbulent in planar, volumetric and timings waveforms. Where v stand in place of velocity whose synonym is speed and speed of what speed of learning, speed of earning, speed of get me to the church on time????? Where d stands in place of distance travelled since Eden by every member of the race called mankind in competitive, combative kinship whose synonym is length of step to manu-fracture the number of axe blades manufactured to reach the ends with the limited means available doing all that work on starvation rations: how rational are you?????? Where t stands in place of the time available to the number of members who have done the work collectively speaking making, swinging and burying axe blades. And whom sourced the metal, refined the metal, molded the metal, cut the metal, folded the metal and polished it and paid for it, as user of the product for the foundaries inside axes factories that produce the goods as used till either worn out or absolutely bored with all that brutality. Made from that heating energy that refined the copper wire, that make the fine glasses with specific refractive indexes that we use each day on a daily rations of bread and water. Statistics and populations expectations measured via the censors who have absolutely no idea as to whether the data collected is true or false, that the person who gave out that information was not simply telling them what was expected of them to say. And why, because if they did not then the party members would reject them, put them is a prison to fetch for them the party elites, their bread and water. Long nested sentences with a valance number called n, too many verbs too many nouns and adjectives adverbs and conjunctives :I KNOW IT IS BAD GRAMMER UNCLE HENRY. Thoughts inside of thoughts, inside of thoughts and inside of thoughts and all of them stem from feeling ones way along the wall in the dark as if one is, but a blind man. Boot camps for offending youth who fail to meet up with the standards expected by the government of the day. In dealing with issues of such scale and complexity one is but merely dealing with debugging rules. There is an entity called machine code that exists in a system state called ones and zeroes that constrict its memory. That memory is a complex as the number of words that are available to it as a system model. Entities competing for limited finite resources are the problem. Free will out of control in upside down land searching for a file in the cake Mum sent you and being disappointed that the prison guards now have x-ray vision like superman.

Wonder if they will ever show D.W. Griffiths early works like "Birth of a Nation" and his reply to his critics with "Intolerance". Cannot imagine too many willing to sit through all of the taught ya.


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