Friday, October 26, 2012

patchups, punchups, ketchups and tear ups

Good time to pause and refect on a -1G, gee a anti-gravity feed engine.....the pat-ch ups after the punch ups spilling of the ketchup's bloody feuds of feudal federations ??????punch up first, lots of movie theatre ketchup and a patch up afterwards,,,,,, that articulated, if and when they survive the fall from grace into disgrace upon losing the race with competing party or partner members, then the doctor, then time spent in convalescence body plastered up in a birdlike traction engine, then the lawyer,  then the time spent in conversation over body of litigation adjectival into ones contemplations.... ..either way the subject has no way of escape from broken neck bones quadriplegic's replacements transformations into four wheel devices with remote controls to run electric motors via thought controls commencing countdown engines on dear David Bowie....... thankfully some architects and engineers still have access to minerals and refinement processes to manufacture some more moving movement devices removing bugs improving software......or else the victim stays perched upon that ledge they fell on,,, beyond a brief life movie flashing before their eyes as recorded from their life's experiences in the final aforementioned second before thoughts of bereavements journeys ends at the bottom of that cliff,,,, that cleft,,,,, into that base camp from that base jump,,,,,, cleft the howling's laugh in jump in jacks flashes of insights over vorpal swords in inexperienced hands,,,, the growling's claws and teeth of the jabberwocky's Lewis Carroll,,,,,the groaning's primitive primal finale, the fat lady's scream at the time bandits bander snatch.........a peom subject to some future heartaches and revisions over famous fumios indecision's over incompleteness theorems,,,, over Godelianism's proportions over verbalisation's in Kantian idealisations and Heisenberg's uncertainties over the speeds of things travelling through space in time as this third rock from the sun spirals around galactic centrals railroad's black hole station.......

At -1g of acceleration like say a hover board of the manner in back to the future abyss is  as shallow as a walk on land. At 2g of acceleration galaxy central railway station is 244 years away. Problem with that is relativity cause time dilation problems, by the time you get back a new generation controls the earth  and any radiation or material in the path has mass multiplied by velocity and one proton owns more energy than a speeding bullet. When push comes to shove one is reminded that a pusher is handy for carrying babies and a shovel is good for digging holes to bury oneself in.

I saw it first! Did not! Did! Did not! Did! Ad Infinitum, We're knotted!

n-d-bite, n-joy=peat-ant-icicle atomics<8<(1)>

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