Friday, November 2, 2012

The Boot Strap

Working with Cause and Effect claims insider knowledge in 4 compartments articulated in 1. simple where C=E 2. Complicated with C---------------E 3. Complex with (CE) 4. Chaos with C not E. They claim and so they claim the higher ground. They say it is story. Yet still they use abstract academic terminology. Do not use simple common words that the everyday layman can put through the BS detector and get his head around the common ground. Well may we speak of anecdotal evidence but nothing will save the world leaders from shame and embarrassments from inequitable distribution of everyday goods and services.

At this point I think that it is important for us to get our heads around cause and effect. The effect is what we witness. The cause is an unseen or unknown force that is in constant operation in a system of processes. Boot laces may be tried by two methods. One work it out for ones self, which if you have not done it before is to say the least, absolutely mystifying and two, find someone who has done that task before and ask them to teach you. No other options except perhaps to say one ought find someone one trusts, for a joker can tie both shoes together if he does not care about trust. Well there is more than one way to lace up boots. Which one suits the conditions? I prefer slip ons. What about you?

So cause produces the effect as witnessed. One can learn via trial v experiment oh, oh, yeh one can nak and bloop along and scream out wog, wog, wog and use pejorative expressions which have proved to all be just another way of saying ones not wise but a fool to be a misanthrope who uses the venacular, local lingo or creole. But, that will not do, just leave you with making do with limited available time and resources wasted talking, yakking, when one could do the job in 1/10th the time spent talking and arguing about the facts of life, some people are different from YOU. A is not B if it was it would all be batteries named AA. A is B if and when it is considered to be an alphabetical letter. All words do is identify objects, subjects and movements. Yes cats sit on mats and now they sit on roombas and what the cat can sit on is ones lap and anything the cat feels safe with. Cats do not do what geckos do walk up walls and on the ceiling. Their tools as gifted allow them to behave after that fashion. A saw to the carpenter men is not the same saw as the woodsmen nor the same saw of the metalworker men. Saw it is and saw it I hope you do. Please do not be sore that the saw I saw is not the saw that you see too. Take care that when you saw a limb, that placed you are in the place closest to the trunk or you will fall too a place in a hospital bed to spend some time contemplating your foolishness in convalescence. Thus ends this treatise on cause and effect which of course entail the domain of the sympathetic nervous systems grand eloquent affections. Christ rules as king so the Bible tells me so. Who made him King? We do! Who saved him? His father in heaven did and if he could save that poor wretch do you think for an instant he can't save you too? Did not see that coming then now did you? Expectation that the promise of a kingdom that will bring to an end suffering of all sorts, all kinds and all types is an exclusive domain of understanding very much miss-understood by both common man and academic in relation to the morale of the troops in the face of frank n' storm disasters.


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