Saturday, October 20, 2012

What up Doc?

This is a vain attempt to solve the subject verb object problem by an amateur philosopher meaning in this case also aesthetician and ethicist who notes there is no difference to the meaning moral or morale since the purpose of both is to encourage the troops not demoralise them which to me seems foolish. I(CU) can be written as (CU)I in subject predicate form. The first form is the traditional English method. The Second Alien speak. By breaking down into the representative part, that is into subject, verb and object of the verb we arrive at 6 methods of writing a sentence.
ICU, IUC, UCI, UIC, CUI, CIU. Shorthand for I see you. That is as simple as you can give an explanation for objectivity. The cat these days sits on a roomba, the times they are a changing.
Next thing mankind is for TB. to become the next plague with the victims isolated in clean rooms and all the staff in bunny suits. Heard it said the other day on Radio National that in fifty years, it is possible we will be wiped off the face of the planet by the smallest member of the population of encoded changelings the virus. That struggle for survival of the species is still an ongoing problem.
 "A rare and deadly strain of tuberculosis has emerged in Far North Queensland.
There are ongoing concerns that the highly infectious and extremely drug resistant disease will take hold in the Torres Strait"

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