Monday, September 10, 2012

What the dickens all you chickens?



What the Dickens? Eggs and Chickens! Families and Roosters! Crows and Doves! Edgar Allen Poe's RAVEN! Peat ant ics and DOVES! It is a far far better thing than I have ever done before. Tale of two cities pities for the strangers at their door. Philosophy 101 in 1999's Axeman/Wendy Problem and Phil Dowe. Abuse of power or misplaced trust, rusted sword stuck a scabbard. Drawn and Quartered by the School of Arts Jonathon Holmes and place, his thesis, beyond being half hung to escape so flung self from a second floor balcony, to land on the first, to be retrieved by the local Furies and Ambros and Chasers for the legal system of, circles drawn, graffiti-ed onto the pavement in soft pastel chalks, washed off by the local council workers, history written by the victorious, no mentions nor commiserations for the enemies soldiers loved ones left widowed or orphaned. And so on and so forth into the blackboard jungle one soul knelt, one heart felt and one mind melted into thin air dependant on six degrees of separation via packet switching networks, traffic lights and routers holding that whole damned set of human movement studies to ransom over one omnipresent set of surveillance cameras inside every connected household. A novel in less than two thousand characters completed. Life's the movie and so twenty odd years beyond birth one gains ones etiquette to enter the Court of the Crimson King. To find all that glitters is not gold but that all who stare at the starry nights above with our loves, our hates know there is a morale law within that governs all social contractual arrangements that is way, way and weighed far beyond any human legal system that calls justice a system of retributions, tribunals or die a tribe urinals, that's the question. Where all are victim, puppets on a string pulled by Adam Smith's so called invisible hand. luv n' joy=peat<:<)>

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