Sunday, September 9, 2012

Modal Logic

The sentence is full of mysteries and puzzles. The tendency to be repulsed from pain and attracted to pleasure stems from epicurean then into utilitarian precepts. Thus the British via J.S. Mill and Jeremy Bentham during the early part of the Industrial Revolution with-out realising the consequences of their actions led their peers into a "panopticon" where the prisoners were under constant surveillance. The precept Bentham used as published in The Commonplace Book was "The greatest happiness of the greater number is the foundation of morals and legislation." Very dry and tedious reading, so much for pleasure Mr Bentham. Welcome to the panopticon prison everyone.  Security, speed and red light cameras have overwhelmed us, such that to the point that, the simple sighting of a lone male with a camera with a long lens near a child's playground causes the parents of the children and other observers to infer "Paedophile" that is the kind or sort or type of knowledge that is of great concern to me. That is that fear pervades the sanctuary.

Popular culture as presented to us by the media, in particular "A Current Affair" have also made the same utilitarian mistake. By informing people to "Watch out for crooks" they instill into people a sense of paranoia, a sense of distrust, a sense or wariness, a sense that others lack integrity of purpose or "let the buyer beware" or "distrust of stangers", thus every body becomes so wary of each other they become complete aliens of one and other. "Stranger Danger" and all of that long winding road to social disasters. The police register of criminals can only record the ones legally convicted based upon the principal of "Innocent till proven guilty"! It is the ones that you do not know that can hurt you? Nope!

The ones nearest to you have been statistically proven to of been the ones to be most in fear of. Pretty sad that is for the know-ledge-en-abled. Thus the only solution that I can prescribe is to love the father of Jesus with your whole heart mind and soul and your others as you would love yourself. Then we will all share a common mind and not before. One prays, wishes, hopes for secure and peaceful outcomes yet constantly we are forced underground by violent confrontations. Marshall Rosenberg seems to be on the right path with his examination of the handling of needs based stances to resolve diplomatic crisis, though one has to wade through much fog in speech or academic speech (non-familiar words) to get to the gist of his message. Sorry this rave is so long but the subject is in the famous last words of Ned Kelly "Such is life."

Where there is a will there is a way. If not for George Boole and Alan Turing's idea for memory to be decided upon as a string of on or off switches in sets of 8 we would not have one byte to eat here on the Internet. Fact is knowledge where we have the standard list of available characters that operate seamlessly in the background in the "BLACK BOX" connected to ones finger tips. For the first time in history the possibility exists for all members of the human race to be all connected. That when you think about it is miracle within itself, that from the point in history called the Industrial Revolution, inadvertently, without being aware of its long term consequences we ended up with that possibility. The borders or boundaries between the nations dissolved into nothing but thin air. All men are not equal because some are more gifted than others with the power to know that for a will to exist one invokes the act of creation, so we reflect perfectly the image of he who formed us from the dust of the ground. We make things perfectly like computer chips which is hardware. We have some way to go to have the software that is as perfect as that hardware which only does so for its engineered lifespan. The soft sciences of sociology and politics do not look that much different from software.

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