Monday, September 10, 2012

House Rules

House Rules? O.K. We are in a strangers house who remains alien to our consciousness or our metaphysical percepts, since we have not ever had to deal with their style nor etiquette. I ask myself will this set of words be censored since the views of its writer counterpoint the views of panel's members.

Some time ago an uncle of mine died.
Open receiving an invite to U.T.A.S.
He gave me advice that I questioned.
"Find out what the politics are of,
Ones Tutors, Lecturers and Professors,
Write all essays such that they agree,

 with what their politics are, and: you will pass."

"I give myself very good advice which I very seldom follow" said Alice chasing the white rabbit thru' the Tulgey Woods with Cheshire Cats chased by Jabberwocky, where with Vorpal Sword wildly slashing cuts the shortcut through a cartoon door on the surface of the tree he sits upon, and lets our heroine Alice trough into the garden where all the cards are painting the roses red because they planted white ones by mistake.


"So dear Uncle" I said to him "So that is why the world is in the mess its in? Tolerated only are positive feedback loops that place the members of the establishment high upon their pedestals? That is not so, so so, merely manufactures a set of mealy mouthed sycophants."

All of them joined at their groins for want of a better phraseology. And, then for one outcome more pay so they can enjoy their retirement so gay.

There is an unwritten law that is slowly surfacing to our common knowledge popularly called "The law of the consequence of action." The sentence is its own proof. Nothing more need be said, except to say that every system has its deniers and its affirmers. States of denial and affirmation entail the abstract jargon of the perpetrators of their claims in legal battles over property domain: ownership rights.

That is true and not arguable over. The fact is that those who wield the power, who say they affirm your presence, they invite you in to the hallowed hallways to walk within their corridors request etiquette, yes, in the form of do not contradict me or you will end up not with a shirt and coat tails, nor with a get out of jail free card and certainly we will not give you one degree of latitude and help you earn a living.

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. So they the very establishment popularly supported by the vow of the vote gets its party of mafia thugs elected and re-elected, change the party, change the godfather who is joined at the groin with his or her profile supporters, those who seek favours, who seek the legislation's, regulation's and confabulation's to be always granted in their favour. Its called democracy friends and what a mockery that is for the rights of each and every common man who holds to the value of a common legal system that operates on behalf of all men, not just a privileged few.

luv n' joy = peat<:<)>

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PeatantiCs said...

Melodrama: The Finkelstein Report, Land-lord says "Pay the rent!" Gwen-do-line says " But I can't pay the rent!" Dudley says "Unhand her you Cad!"

The Finkelstein Report Major Premise "The King is a Fink" Minor premise "The Finks are Bikers" Therefore a conclusion can be formed such that " The King is a Bikie" which is a set of three statements in the form of a syllogism. One term from both the major and minor premise may form the conclusion if and only if each premise is KNOWN to contain one predicated similarity. In this case the term FINK is in both the Major and Minor Premise. However is it permissible to use the words of The Lone Harranger in the cartoon strip called the "Wizard of ID' to say such a thing about the KING? Is it permissible to take the word fink from a mans given name and overlay that sound with a word found in a cartoon? Life imitates ART if that is the case. So what has been dealt with here is the LOGIC that is supposed to support a true conclusion about the present day state of affairs and that one can use the Aristotelian Telescope to basically prove anything you think is TRUE. Well so much for the contributions of the Greek Geek's to the domain called Greek Philosophy. How then Mr Aristotle and Mr Plato does one deal with the tragedy of one, being the comedy of an other? Remember Oedipus Rex?

Troob said: "The land of Id, 'tis such delight, the land of milk and honey / No need to lock your doors at night, the King has all the money!"

luv n' joy = peat<:<)>