Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Todays works some thereof

Since Peter Higgs "Godamned Particle" was IN-Vent-ED or EDUCED from the form of the COSMOS or WORLD VIEW in the Rock n' Rollin 60's and then MANKIND'S walk though the wilderness of existential despair began as we all stared at the man in the moon. Outreach mode and super symmetry existent between matter and anti-matter from conceptual spaces like de sitter and anti-de sitter hyperbolic derivatives, the weeee on the ski-slopes in hyperbolic spaces with the table of elements reduced to fun-da-men-tals from the square roots of negative numbers into fractal spaces where a seed variable always is bounded by two and then into the schrodinger cats equations of all is energetics, on and off switches of witches brooms and snitches in the cupboard telling tales about evolutionary theories, not dissimilar too, the sorcerer's apprentices spelling spells a spieling like a con man creates confusion after the event where one finds out that ones trust was certainly misplaced, not disimilar too, Harry Potter is not well in factual distributions via the contributions in the economic give and take. Reading like a crime novel who done it and red herrings the only food to eat. Yep 40 years in the wilderness and nothing but mushroom clouds to eat, from 1914 to 1954 new age 0, 1954 to 1994 and age is 40 and 1994 to 2034 and age is 80. Periods of time past and future. Same for You same for me and them and us.,_What_Is_the_Question%3F

Patient Patent Particular
Pat Pat Pitter Pat Pat Pat
Pitter Patter Potter Putter
Peaty Peaties Pitiful Peoms
P,P,P,P,P Poor Patience
Pours Pistols Pisses Poor
Passes Passages Porcelain
Passive Persuasive Pressure
Past Populations Ping Pong
Press Pass Promises People
Present Prologue Poesy
Problem Program Poetry
Premise Pogroms Potty
Preliminary Probe Probing
Presciption Pills Pharmacy
Preliminary Passions Passages
Perfect Prefects Perfectionism
Professional Perfection
Presume Presumption
Presentations Precise
Present Particle Parts
Pre-sent Party Part
Preen Prime Promise
Starch Star Strength Seen.
P.S. Post Script. Peat's Sad

One LAW is all that was ever required one that rarely ever rates a mention since the population is bound to via principles of common law to Love the creator who covered Jesus, who formed you from the dust to dust around the grounds until your dust and dusted off, we are bound to the promise of love for neighbour. Yet some of you desire too expletive deleted him to death and into dust and ashes so you never ever have to see him again. Sadists love to see others hurt and harm! Masochists love to see their others hurt and harm themselves! So we watch them suffer right up there upon the television hurt and harm and mirror neurones we are all doing that to our self. Monkey see Mon Key Do Money's Black and Blue. All of us members of one of 81 families of languages after that fiasco called The Tower of Babel. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>

I read Plato's (#1)"Republic" all the way to forms once found the cave
And Machiavelli's (#2)"The Prince" written for his employer banker de Medici
Found myself upside down in Benthemic (#3)pan-opticon with spook
Of wizard of id's flame game over the subject heading
"He who has the gold makes the rules" blown up and plastered
Upon Neville Wrans wall as told to me by a sound man who
Used to work for Mike Willesee, a story that does not leave my mind.

So one (#3)Mr Jeremy Bentham an ex lawyer commissioned utilitarianism
"The greatest happiness for the greatest number" stole it from Epicurus
An ancient Greek hippy so it seems if know (#4) Alain de Button
But anyway back to the platonic cave with all of the Dionysians at a Bacchanalia
Gods and Goddesses and (#5)Higgs Fields and Bossy Bosons having mass
Citizens behaving madly badly sadly on the field of play
Shadows on the wall mad by pinholes in a curtain in the darkroom
Upside down converted to right side up by a mirror
Whose not upside down and inside out (#6)wearing their heart on their sleeve?
Just trying to bring you guys up to the speed of light not trying at all to slow you down.


I note that many red herrings are swimming in this sea.
Examples of that condition are too numerous to quote.
As for the distinction that exists between belief systems
There is always good old numero uno hidden behind eyes!
That is you as a being in your person with a personality
I am not you and neither are you my eye I aye sir no sir
So all is energetic all is energy all is spirit then with value
That can be measured if so then which unit do you prefer?
So there is the question and so its said "Atheism's Religious".
Since it is secular humanist yes because man is up on pedestal,
Held up high into the light with the cult of celebrity and awards.
Nobel Prizes come mind and dynamite and all the world at war.
Over what then do people fight then but what is mine or yours.
Atheism is a religion since it is a way of life for all its members.
I will do, or, I will make do with limited available resources.
So what is a will then and where is all that dust you made
Into money going to go too when you die and decay into
It and then after an event beyond belief like a victim of for
Argument sake Ted Kaczynski other wise called unabomber.
So there you were just picture that you a victim opening letter.
Condensed into particles blown into waves scattered on wall.
Chance encounter of the third kind and what the * can you do?
I live in OZ as wizard of one if you care to know of old so or so.
He who cannot be named because Israel wont let you use it.
As a nameing convention they use g-d and to use it on quora
Gets one the label of troll mind you some believers own agenda.
Of a meeting where the chair of the meeting sits on a high chair.
The little children who have no knowledge of the excluded middle.
That YHWH cannot both be and not be at the same time old bean.

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