Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The end is nigh

As near as I CAN RECKON Halloween of October 31 fame, the day before, All saints day or All Hallows Day or Hallow mass, the day before All Souls Day or The Day of the Dead, as a period of time, is the time of celebration for the righteous and a time of regrets for Rebel Angels, the Demons, Aliens or strangers, who departed earth, with the FLOOD of Noah's day leaving, "All those whom they chose as wives" and their mule children to drown, since they had the power to turn into material, then de-materialise their bodies: so it seems. All material is a structure organised around the frequency of light as viewed in the rainbow that cause it to be visible to the eye. Angels from time to time, do appear to have formed visible bodies. Good Angels, Seraphs and Cherubs do Jehovahs will, the Father of Heaven's will, as Jesus did.  Evil Angels, Seraphs and Cherubs, do not do that will, thus rebelled, did not obey the word, resist like the Satan did and does to this day, the command to not co-habit sexually with women except via union of marriage as a public declaration of commitment. Demon's demonstrate democratically and secret deals are made in secret rooms out of the public eye, not theologically. Demons are one's who LAMENT the death of their hybrid offspring children the Nephilim whose violence was ruining the Earthly Social Order of that historical time, the self same events, which are ruining the earth today. References to this event are covered in the BIBLE book of Genesis meaning ONE.

 An extant historical account of our common ancient histories that some seek to corrupt and rewrite with theories of evolution. " extant 1540s, "standing out above a surface," from L. extantem (nom. extans), prp. of extare "stand out, be visible, exist," from ex- "out" (see ex-) + stare "to stand," from PIE root *sta- "to stand" (see stet). Sense of "in existence" attested in English by 1560s." All souls all saints day, night on the bare mountain and all that over the Nephilim. Oddly sounding very alike nepotism which is the role played by the illegitimate children of the POPES in recent history. A subject that is present, even to this day via the role played by certain ones, getting the good JOBS for their family members in GOVERNMENT OR ADMINISTRATIVE DEPARTMENTS. Children that were not supposed to of ever existed were generally labelled the POPES nephews hence nepotism is still alive and well in this hell on earth case scenario. I cite Paul Greenfield's (#1) example of favoritism in giving rites of passage to KNOWN ones to THEM the privilege to study for medicine man degrees without the required pre-tertiary qualifications as a leading example. Thank you Paul for giving this tome an excellent anti-thetical case example to present to the modern day academic community.

While the below linked article (#2) is of dubious scholarship. It is one of the many who note this causal link to not a Christian Celebration but to a Pagan OR PRE-CHRISTIAN ERA celebration that has been CHRISTIANIZED. Nevertheless the Noachian flood did occur. A probable shift from say 11 degrees in obliquity of the ecliptic to 23.4 and slowly increasing is tabled as a thesis. Which in all likelihood pre-suppositionally speaking, that is, as an, a priori consideration or ontological account, which must speak to all of you skeptical philosophers out there, one, which would have shaken earth out of balance, which would have allowed the water in the thermosphere to precipitate at a great rate and then very suddenly, to explain the tropical forests that once existed in the great northern forests and probably in Antarctica as well which would require an archeological dig of to say the least: GRAND PROPORTIONS. That earths thermosphere extends upward to way past the international space station so I am told, that the density of matter in space decreases with the ever increasing distance from earth that is directly proportional with distances between molecules, is very interesting. What if that area was once filled with water molecules? That would provide a viable explanation for the flood of the biblical time of Noah some 2400 years before the Christ.  Which proposition holds water when one considers C14 dating issues.

Is the hypothesis scientifically testable? Yes!


That event, THE FLOOD, would of occurred at some time during the solar cycle. Spring of the SOUTHERN hemisphere becomes Autumn of the NORTHERN hemisphere and vice versa. This is the time also when Jesus was really BORN. The shepherds would not be tending their flocks in the fields during the middle of winter, in spring, yes, in winter, no. Jesus lived for THIRTY THREE AND ONE HALF years. Easter IS around the NORTHERN SPRING EQUINOX, which is supposedly his day of death. The actual day is right on that equinox at Nisan 14 or the first full moon after the day night cycle became equal in length. Halloween IS around the NORTHERN AUTUMNAL EQUINOX. Jesus was born in all likelihood then around that time. His message was one of love and I do have a penchant for extremely accurate measures. One that is not very much appreciated, that is as YET! These are the facts which are easy to determine not a myth or story that is designed to confuse THE us THE them who alienate each other from the ALL inclusive domain.

"GO with GOD" said Jeff Kennett on Radio National, Australia on the 25th of September 2012. Hmmm, which one of the pantheon? Since I equate the study of consciousness with metaphysics with spirituality we here are forced to deal with the totality of domains as covered by the language we choose to use to describe the symptoms of the disease and prescribe the pills to cure that disease. No other way! It is so easy to make a mistake. To be found in error is terror. So many threats. The story last night on those pariah's over in England "The West's" is a classic example. The way the media exonerates anti-thetical characters puts those anti-types on the stage as newsworthy to attract advertisers is ever so strange: defies belief. Happy Halloween, enjoy your night on the bare mountain with all of your demonologies. The Kingdom of God and the parable of the prodigal son comes to mind over so called democratic rights are concerned. Pigs eating Carob Pods as food, apparently it is a chocolate substitute these days.


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#2 http://www.mt.net/~watcher/halloweennoahfloodconnection.html

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