Thursday, September 27, 2012

Mastery of Mistress Media Barron

Mastery of Mistress Media Barron

In or within the stakes that strangers as shareholders hold as stocks and bonds. Is that domain that is so alike a Venn Diagram of points and lines and planes and spaces and last but most important times presented in GPS co-ordinates. Of or over the earth as that blue and white marble from the moons exceedingly roomy point of view. One does not know everyone involved nor what evoked them to seek their fortunes from earths treasure trove of the elemental forces contained within the periodic table. Nor does one take risks with ones assumptions as to why the value of the dollar rises and falls with a vote of approval/disapproval or confidence/no confidence or trust/distrust. All one can say is thank you boys and girls for all the roads and all the cables and all the pretty pretty little toys the children at present play with. This text will reveal if you take the time to read it closely, that the members of the public who support that structure have been severely misled, that is seduced from the proper eduction that is the way, into that which is the subject of this witch hunt: belief of a lie.

Yes products that soon disappear into memory that look so like that "Rosebud" at the end of Orson Welles Movie, "Citizen Kane" a protagonist from the media domain whose famous last thoughts were of his childhoods chair. But that is not the story some will claim. To which then one responds. If so then Master of Mistress Media Barron you appear to be making money from the news of either one of two options that gain you a circulation that via statistical analysis Master of Mistress Media Barron, does present, that is justifies the cost of the advertisements placed within their medium of informational exchanges, which is in all cases and all instances, passes on down the line as higher prices to the consumers, prompted to buy the products as advertised. And then to seduce the public to pay the purchase price via the headlines shock and horror, sadism of the reports of war to disastrous accidents on the road or at home to crime sprees of the lawless ones who only want what you have got in terms of money in the bank to protect their selves on a rainy day, just like Master of Mistress Media Barron WANTS or the masochism of the awards that put one man up above another that first places are exonerated and remembered: last places forgotten forever and then again I dare to repeat it, is also what Master of Mistress Media Barron WANTS. To wit to woo Master of Mistress Media Barron will throw up his arms and have you thrown out of his office rooms. Coz' that is all he ever has to tell you on the newsy views inside the folded paper thrown haphazardly upon the lawn, or jammed into the letterbox with other advertisement paper plane material or perhaps then if not the former then the following gained via the transmitted electromagnetic waves via radio, television and last but not least the Internet Internment awards, all of it driven by the advertisers dillar dollar ten of clock scholars, get me to work on time too spend, so time is spent, so times spent earning, so my times spent learning how and why so.

Do you think for a second that they will forgive me for whistle blowing, for dobbing them in? Forgive me for ending and beginning sentences with prepositions, over or on or under, in or out, before or now or after and that Coz', I'm, Master of Mistress Media Barron: THROUGH?


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