Thursday, September 20, 2012

Maieutics, Orphism and Catharsis

Hello to  All interested in that which the Greek geeks failed to resolve in their city of pity.
Essentially via two modes or logical methods that the Greeks held to in their theatre gritty.
Comedy on the one hand and tragedy in the other with the individual stricken by strife.
#1 Maieutics or the "spiritual midwife." #2 Orphism (religion) as language from which it grew.
#3 Catharsis is technique associated with domain of popular language: members in surgery.

He said, #4“Allah knows I killed him.” Battle Rattle Tin Soldiers Toys on Chess Board. Strung on Strings by Puppet Masters. Who want more Land, more Power, more Tourist Dollars. Bigger Houses, Bigger Cars, Bigger Clothes, Bigger Budgets, Bigger Swords, Bigger Beggars go Figure that out for YOURSELF. One is GRACE all of YOU who support ANGUR, HATE and VIOLENCE: THE DISGRACE. Both WEST and EAST and especially are included our brothers and their list of broken promises made in the MIDDLE EAST. Instead of showing hospitality ONE is put in hospital dismembered from MEMORY. Where's the guest, where's the host, last but not least, where's the hostess with the most-est that shows kindness and kinship to fellow citizens and strangers?

Ignorance means one ignores good advice when it is given.
Ignorance also means taking on board bad advice as given.
Intelligence is pre-requisite to detect the difference between
Good advice and bad advice the wisdom to tell the differance.


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