Sunday, September 23, 2012

At ALL times the strongest MEN!


Fight this sincerely the toughest battle rattle ever written.
From first principles of love of others non creative: AMEN....
Tough Jacob's Ladder, orders of magnitude in sets of ten.
Scaling factors introduced in variances common to all men.

Styles of culture aesthetically pleasing beholder's silent I.
Compression ratiocinification a neo-logism for all to learn.
One that possesses no meaning to anyone of earth's eye.
Attributive sense as representative of constant so to earn.

For ratiocinicative attributes to logically exist is all thought.
ALL HA an interesting qualification to the object of tribute.
Sense as subject and object ones gives and takes brought.
Negotiation tables with liars, thieves and murderers so trite.

Solution to the problem is loves law simply put golden rules.
Apply to each transaction ever made over unjust gains duels.


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