Monday, September 10, 2012


It is my considered opinion that the BLAME + FLAME = GAME equation is a competitive zero sum.
By zero sum is meant in this case instance is a tiny piece of the muzzled puzzle in GAME THEORY.
"Madmen" had their job to do and in the end that ended up with destroyed families in the city state.
The idea of the city state is traceable back to Babylon where laws were passed to regulate behavior.
All law does regulate behavior, rewards good behavior and leaves you free, bad behavior means jail.
To my way of thinking the lawless ones cost everyone else their freedom since to protect their own,
They must adapt their behaviour and build protective barriers that cost both time and money or work.
Thus we end up living in a Bentham-ic utilitarian state where the greater number are happy with safe.
Safe in the sense that omnecient security cameras have been set up and big brother is watching YOU.
That fact is ever increasingly noticeable and as I said it is a zero sum game with both parties the LOSER.
In all disputes of a legal nature their is the litigant and the defender once distilled down to the elements.
Yes their are the other actors on the stage from arresting officer to hangman or in today's terms jailer.
I say both are victims of crime with the city state with its lawmakers the politicians judges, lawyers.
Which require police to enforce rules of conduct in that social contract where no one stands and admits.
Guilt that is such that perjury does and has been recorded to of occurred on both sides of the fence.
In this here rough analysis of the city state is the need for many severe surgical  operations at the hip.
To extract themselves from the commercial enterprises lobby groups over a barrel called rule of law.
One where the party of the first part battles with party of the second part for a place to sit at a table.
Where negotiation is supposed to occur for common good of common people: which is not happening.

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