Saturday, September 29, 2012

Chaos Radio Statement

Radio Chaos dot dot dot, dash dash dash, dot dot dot. Morse Code SOS. Save Our Souls or Save Our Soles from wearing out before we reach the turbulance of the sea. From the journey through the Water bowls atomic dustbin wilderness to the littoral aristotelien telescope zone. Have you heard that I have my head in a duck hat with LED's to light the dark of the neo-platonic cave?

Have you seen all those power poles stringing copper spaghetti strings along the edge of the roads? All those networks sending packets of information via packets through Lucent Technologies routers. High speed fibre optic cables hidden by miners with trench diggers sitting underground. Know how all that was invented how much work and money you donated for that budget? We stand on the shoulders of all those people who completed all that work. On time, in full and built to specifications or standards we don't know. All we know is it works quite well till the geeks plant a Trojan horse inside a downloaded picture. Strange problem, strange solution even stranger strangers es estranging all around. We know people across the world better than we know our next door neighbour. Perhaps even better than some people whom we have spent our entire life with. Because they remain silent and do not tell one what it is they think. Know nothings who feel that the point they make is more than just their opinion. Forgot old Euclid's first definition that a point is that which has no parts. Forgot entirely what was learned took as granted the codon verb "to be" as the present simple tense for to simple present tense.

To trivial yet all one ever hears from them is in the simple present tense. I am going shopping or I'm not going shopping. On an on it goes and here on facebook that is what the advertisers desire, that is what they want you to do with your being. Great if you have a big job with more pay you will be OK said the Waters Gilmore songwriting duo in Money its a hit, don't give me that do goody good bullshit which they are rollin' in. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>

Mine for sand mine for cotton grasses and
sew and sew, sewed the double seams,
joined to-gether two pieces of cloth.
Time after time the needle jabbed.
Picked up the thread from the bobbin.
Rolled the cloth from before to after 
First to second piece, to third peaces
Too many wars to, too few peaces.
Till out of phrase, phases designs
Popped up an odd white rabbit.
That Wonderland's Alice's
Been trying to catch up too,
For any number of years.
One  can name. 
That one can think of with,
if one knew,
Simple present tense of 'be".
A subject that all live with
In any number of ways.
Es es pecially here on facebook
With that like, unlike button.
Mouse needle stitching,
Bobbin up and down?
Always results in successful lives.
Good advice for Bryce's facebook fan
On a red hot day is cooling as the
Copper kettles boiling for a
Mercurial Mad Hatter
Sewing at a tea party
Whiter than a shade of pale
In a Brett Whitely painting.

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