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AHHA Swan Song

part the one

Controversy: Subject, verb and its object or SVO becomes Subject and what is predicated as being within the domain of the subject, which mathematically become SP. What! SP Bookies Rookies? S=P. This problem is called Predication. The inverse called impredication or for want of a better word jokes and jokers in both comedy and tragedy bringing both pain and pleasure, treated as algedonic alerts. We will threat this problem as a dimension because the subjects boundaries are defined in that fashion. In my post of Fri, 28th September 2012, 2:24pm was a long and fragmented ramble that covers one subject heading. Conscientiousness is the subject and the controversy is a common sense community. The pharmaceutical industry has found the properties existent within certain biologically derived chemical products. In the present hour I suffer from a migraine head. Aspirin or willow bark extract is in use. Let us treat the subject as a logistical statistical problem if you so will it for as a car has over thousands of parts, computers have millions of parts and to say biologically derived creatures have trillions of moving parts is a gross underestimation. Via learning one gains knowledge. Knowledge is nothing but a skite or bragging rights when not used as a display of love for ones fellow beings whom are pinned to the ground by gravitas and atmospherics. What is meant by those terms? Both gravity and pressure are bound to each other. They are impossible to separate. I appreciate that the solution to this complexity is not so simple as it at first appears to be. We are little more than monkeys in a tree. That tree changes its form with velocity or speed. So many of the answers are counter-intuitive. If you do not understand a word its definition is as far away now, as a google search.

n'joyned = peat<8<(1)>

part  the two

The luminiferous-aether that Michelson and Morley made attempt to find was not found. The assumption was that light has a carrier for its waves like the surface of the water is a carrier of waves. Thus was determined to be one of sciences most successful failed experiments. From that study came interferometry and from that came holograms via slit experiments and photons being in two places at once which to this day is near as incomprehensible as my previous post of Fri, 28th September 2012, 2:24pm . The earth goes around the sun, the earth is an obloid sphere, planets follow an elliptical trajectory, we who live on the plane of earth who see the sun travel across the sky each day can easily think that the sun travels around us and not the other way around if we do not think outside the box and rid our self of the idea that the universe is endless boxes within boxes. Earth the big boxing match that SP bookies take bets on to make money from competing parties. Nations, tribes, families and tongues combined into a house of cards spades to dig with, clubs to associate with, diamonds to keep the ladies happy and last but not least all wearing our hearts on our sleeves. Decks of cards in four seasons of thirteen weeks of 365 years and jokers to mark the leap years. Controversial you betcha contentious NO! Why because the answers apply to all not some even if they do not know about this all that ever was or is or wills is to ignore is a verb and an action an objective that entails Jesus famous last words. "Forgive them father, they know not what they do." Exit stage right.

n'joyned = peat<8<(1)>

part the three

On the after of the Saturday, 29th of September at the Melbourne Cricket Grounds there was a Grand Final Game between Hawks V Swans in the football code of Australian Rules. The game was one of those last minute could have gone either way after a one pointer behind type goal. Swans had to keep Hawks boxed up on their field end during those final seconds. They did and achieved their result with one more six point goal which gave them a ten point winning edge 91 Swans 81 Hawks. One who bet dollars one hundred from one bookie inherited a return of dollars numbered in the two hundred and sixty giving them a profit of one hundred and sixty: right.

I tend these days to view things from a social perspective. I was quite mystified by the Hawks sitting on the ground taking there loss via that pathway as a losing party. For all the focus was on the Swans as the winning party. At risk of facing harsh criticism here as usual but then I never let that stop me.

The collective noun for Hawks is their cast to deal with and believe it or not Swans their game to deal with. AHHA but Swans in flight have another collective noun in wedge. How very interesting that is. I wonder if the members of their team are aware of that. Once, ouch, one dead wombat on the journey home in that Red Alfa GTV I used to own, coming home from way up there over Lake Peddar way to photograph Daryn Cresswell's wedding to his first wife whose name eludes me at present, Tania comes to mind not sure, remember the face but not the name. That was an event that I recorded on my camera and later turned into an album.

Darren's story since then has proved to be both spectacular and disappointing. Looks like his wedge in flight left him as game for the Media Barron's and now is left like, but little more than a roasted swan ready to be served up on the dinner table. Stranger than fiction is everyday reality.

A gain of 160 from a risk of 100 in an either or situation is a 160% increase so as a capital investment on a 50/50 odds situation, flip of the coin event or 1 in 2 or six of one half a dozen in the other within that domain, otherwise called the law of large numbers. For every throw of the coin there exists a 50% chance of heads and same for tails. I call that the systems memory. There exists in that system a string of 18 heads in a row. The odds of getting that string are very small. One that poor old Darren's addiction to risk did enjoy by betting on a wedge of eighteen players but then did not enjoy by betting on the game on the grounds that he was member of that team playing at the time, where the odds are rigged in favour of the the ones who own the game who make the rules that govern that self same game. One wonders which way he bet, one assumes he bet on his side winning which surely would be in his favour at a tribunal hearing.  Whatever the end result was a very bad bet on his part good bet on the part of anyone who on the above date took a risk on a wedge of Swans . n-joy-peat<8<(1)>

The collective noun for swans in flight is a flight. The collective noun for swans on the ground is a game. Your gameness was rewarded you played by the rules. Darren Cresswell did not, thus got roasted on a spit and eaten by the media challenges. Wonder if their is a collective noun for roasted swans and wonder if it not a feast? n-joy=peat<8<(1)))))>

Cast: Collective noun for Hawks.
Wedge: Collective noun for Swans in flight.
Game: Collective noun for Swans on the ground.
Feast: Collective noun for an ex wedge of swans turned into a game of swans a roasting on a spit which is what they looked like basting in the spotlight of temporary media glory and madding crowd's congratulatory adulation. The cast of Hawks cast to the ground were to me the honourable for the grace shown in the face of such a near miss.  Take a look at the link you might find it useful especially when one can stone a murder of crows. Very useful for the coming years events, but do not suggest the method for turning roosters into feather dusters. n-joyed=peat<8<(1)>

Supposed to be a metaphor for the effect felt the day after a binge of drinking an excess of alcohol. Feast a wedge of swans caught in a net that become game on the ground for the spit upon which they once were roasted. Please excuse that deviation from traditional etymology. Feast with e removed is fast as the counter factual. The price paid for imbibing in excess of the need for nourishment. Fatty as opposed to skinny. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>

Fans fanatics and misfits lend me your tears, replicants were allowed a three year span of life encoded into them by the corporation headed by Durell whom Roy had recently in the script had mercilessly eliminated. show him no mercy since denied it was to replicants an increase in span of time a living, breathing and a running. Roy did not die from loss of blood he died because time was up. Famous last words in deed and word. You have seen things other people would not believe attack ships on fire off the shores of the MCG, collective pronouns for alligators congregate in the dark over the wikipedia gate, all those moments in time restored to their rightful place in history. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>

Very cool cross eye 3d gif of the movements of the Pleiades star cluster or the Seven Sisters plus Mum and Dad. Got to see it to believe it.Four hundred thousand years of time the stars moved through space before and after the rafter of disrespect that is really a splinter on the surface of ones eye. Below is a rough outline of the shape earth really is from the heavens viewpoint. Creature worship is the cause of all human conflict which is a big jump to that idea from P=S and in between football games and the like played upon its surface. It holds for the reason that the laws of the universe are consistent and predictable while men's rules change with there moods. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>


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