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History is the past presented to the future.

Stafford Beer and the subject of CD's being the end product not framed and finished prints from the local Professional Photographer. at risk of being miss-understood is miss-understanding stood down? While I appreciate the fact that "Earn a LIFE" is complex. All it ever was/is/will is heads, hearts and soles  in the premises door, wallets out and emptied by the time they walk out the door with something traded for in the hand, invoice, goods and guarantees or promises to come back and collect. Thus trade is a procession, one after the other then repeat the cycle. One where the exchange of goods produces a positive balance in the account books. The negative balance is bad the positive balance good. Let us treat the problem algedonically. Now you are confused! What the expletive deleted am I raving on about? The dimension to be measured is from pain to pleasure, if so, then, what is the unit measured to be treasured? None other but percentages? What is the unit 100% satisfaction? Is it possible? Always was, never was not. Algedonic alerts google the term and find a whole heap of fog in print. What over? What ever? What sort? What kind? What type? What Identity? What Subject? What object? In this case the decision of the customer to buy CD's or "FINISHED ART WORK".

Bernie Griffiths and Ian Crowe, I dare say that you guys know nothing about being "LIMITED BY ACTUALITY" I do suggest that you struggle to comprehend that fact. There is a difference between the POTENTIAL to be realized from the sale of "CD's" and the sale of a "FINISHED FRAMED ARTWORKS". The difference is what ought be called "AUTHENTICITY". Now these are exceedingly overarching abstract terminologies. To comprehend the scope of such words is  not easy it is difficult and hard work to get your head around the details or the bits and pieces that form the subject heading since for ART to be made is the entire process from material sources to conservation of the finished piece. We it seems may well be likened to slugs crawling over the razor blade of time in relationship with these considerations. Stafford Beer can save you some time, working it all out for yourself. I dare say you have never heard of the term "ALGEDONIC ALERT". I suggest you get to know it very well, in fact, get to know it by heart if you seek to run a successful enterprise.

Stafford Beer wrote several books and articles:[8]
  • 1959, Cybernetics and Management, English Universities Press
  • 1966, Decision and Control, Wiley, London
  • 1972, Brain Of The Firm, Allen Lane, The Penguin Press, London, Herder and Herder, USA.Translated into German, Italian, Swedish and French.
  • 1974, Designing Freedom, CBC Learning Systems, Toronto, 1974; and John Wiley, London and New York, 1975. Translated into Spanish and Japanese.
  • 1975, Platform for Change, John Wiley, London and New York. Reprinted with corrections 1978.
  • 1977, Transit; Poems, CWRW Press, Wales. Limited Edition, Private Circulation.
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  • 1983, Transit; Poems, Second edition (much extended). With audio cassettes: Transit – Selected Readings, and one Person Metagame; Mitchell Communications, Publisher, PO Box 2878, Charlottetown, PEI, Canada.
  • 1985, Diagnosing the System for Organizations; John Wiley, London and New York. Translated into Italian and Japanese. Reprinted 1988, 1990, 1991.
  • 1986, Pebbles to Computer: The Thread; (with Hans Blohm), Oxford University Press, Toronto.
  • 1994, Beyond Dispute: The Invention of Team Syntegrity; John Wiley, Chichester.

  • Algedonic alerts (from the Greek αλγος, pain and ηδος, pleasure) are alarms and rewards that escalate through the levels of recursion when actual performance fails or exceeds capability, typically after a timeout.
  • The model is derived from the architecture of the brain and nervous system. Systems 3-2-1 are identified with the ancient brain or autonomic nervous system. System 4 embodies cognition and conversation. System 5, the higher brain functions, include introspection and decision making.[6]

    What follows is highly technical. Bear with it, it is worth it.
    I will strip arguments down to operative terms to reprove it.  

    Productivity: the ratio of Actuality and Capability or P = A/C
    Latency: the ratio of Capability and Potentiality or L= C/P
    Performance: the ratio of Actuality and Potentiality or P = A/P
    Performance: the product of Latency and Productivity.or P = LP

    LP =A/P and that is from one of this worlds leading efficiency experts, Stafford Beer Brain of the Firm (1972). Some of the largest firms in the world use that system model to remain competitive.
    6 Sigma systems like at Motorola are based upon the Baconian scientific method and in all likelihood Foxcon who make Apple Products. Just guessing on that last one since Motorola chips were once used in Apple products. Stafford Beer was in early development with SIGMA whether that is 6 Sigma now I know not nor need to know.  Dare say, I am right, though. If wrong then they missed the point that is the action of mirror neurones. Since the idea is to measure what was actually realized from resources as produced from the potential of the system to produce. Thus we are dealing here with the concept of efficiency within the container that is that system, as it is at present this 11th hour. Measureable it is as a percentage of satisfied or dis-satisfied customers, clients and most importantly proprietory personal. We cannot have happy customers without happy personal can we and the same goes the other way round since there is of couse a feedback loop. Sad customer, sad personal, solve/fix problem, happy personal, happy customer, see! with some corrections and edited revisions below.

    Consider the management of a process with cash earnings
    or savings for an individual, company or government:
    potentially £100,000
    but aiming to make/save £ 60,000.
    Actually sales, savings or taxes of £40,000
    are realized.


    First order input values as determined from available data set.

    P= Potentiality = £100,000; The maximum possible ruthless amount to be made or saved without COMPROMISE?
    C= Capability = £60,000; The aimed for amount to be made or saved or the COMPROMISED POSITION?
    A= Actuality = £40,000. The actual amount realised from the process as enacted by the members of that KIND system?

    Second order derived vales after application of analytic formulas to determine other useful comparative values from the first statistical data set. 

    Thus L= Latency = C/P = 60/100 = 0.6; What is lost or gained by the toothless ruthless approach.
    Thus p = productivity = A/C = 40/60 = 0.67; What is lost or gained from a kind system approach.
    performance = A/P =or 40/100 = 0.4. In this case 40% satisfaction gained as their consideration.

    To a third order calculation.

    Performance = Lp = 0.6 × 0.67 = 0.4 Now what interests me here really are the 5 terminologies.

    Potentiality = value, Capability = value, Actuality = value, latency =calc and performance =calc/calc.


    The formula is simply the problem of cost to produce/save/make

    Tell me please that the problem is not one of a failure of your business to not live up to customer expectations? I mean you as business owner have expectations of a reward for services offered. Why would the client also not have expectations from that transaction? Gary Glen informed us all, way back in the eighties that "The bitterness of poor quality lasts longer than the joy of cheaper prices." To build up the expectation of the client to walk out the door with a 'FINISHED PRODUCT" is the problem. To walk out the door with an "UNFINISHED PRODUCT" is for the client to walk out the door with a CD. So one sells the sizzle not the sausage. Expectations are the sizzle and the sausage the product sold. At the present the client is thinking, no believing that they are saving money by buying a CD, that cannot be denied. The reason is that they have no knowledge of what the professional knows. A true professional knows about color spaces from shoot to finished framed work lasting a lifetime on the wall. The amateur has little knowledge of color space technicalities. Except to say perhaps too dark, too light, too red, too green, too blue, too contrasty, too flat, too any one of the previously mentioned problems multiplied. The client in all likelihood has a camera also. To get their prints printed at the supermarket is their HABIT. The problem then is to change that HABIT by convincing them to buy your argument, that is by convincing them that there is greater value to them that your professionally trained eye oversee the entire process from beginning to end. I have jumped the starting gun here, all I can say after that event is sorry, lets begin the race again and say that whatever relationship you ever form with a client, you are on the road to no-where when they do not trust, that is respect you for the work you are capable of doing.

    For some odd reason Anonymous Rocking the World can post on my timeline but I cannot share the stuff they post to it. So suck hard suckers. There is more than one way to skin the beast. Minimum number of cuts in 10 steps plus 3. 4 circles around  the feet, 1 from neck to tail tip makes 5 steps so far. Another 4 slits down the legs from the belly cut to the foot cut makes a cat of 9 tails. 10 is the noose around the neck all is now opened up. Now step 11 is to begin at the head and rip the skin back and off to the tail. Step 12 pin it up near a nest of meat ants. Step 13 to tan the hide with tannin water from certain tree type barks. Sorry, those anarchists are barking up the wrong tree.

    “History always constitutes the relation between a present and its past” –John Berger

    That view is deeply flawed. For the imperialistic powers desire its city-zen-s to believe what Berger said. Thus they attempt to de-construct reality as it is lived within the domains of the land living beneath the locally embraced constitutions. Note local not global. An example of this is the so called discoverer of the Brisbane River, John Oxley. He as appointed local authority by the Crown is registered in the said Crowns documents at its discoverer. Three poor wretches named Parsons, Pamphlett and Finnigan were shipwrecked on Moreton Island just before Oxley arrived according to Thomas Welsby's account "Early Moreton Bay" They were headed north in the hope of finding Sydney? After back tracking and finding there way to Stradbroke Island then across to the mainland then all the way to near Boonah to cross the Brisbane River they made it finally to Skirmish Point near Bribie Island. Oxley found them there and they told him about the Brisbane River. A story not mentioned in Oxley's journals. WHY? Kudos baby kudos. Hero STATUS is the reason. I want to be remembered by the Crown thus be remembered by the crowd who believe in the CROWN. The story then is the one told that is the one reported to the Crown to support its views to the educated public who were members of the schools that as little kids must report to in order that they receive an education that serves the interests of the self same Crown. It is said that history is written by the victors. What is presented is the history that they want you to hear which in all cases and instances must reflect the glory of that said Crown of state. To say otherwise is to risk ostracism to be labelled an eccentric a misfit and even worse a liar. In other words the accusation levelled against one that he/she is not to be trusted he is not like us who support the CROWN. History is the past presented to the future.

    nod writes
    Hi there PEATANTICS,
    Old Holborn and sad to say I walk on the road not the footpath.
    Mind you an acquaintence of mine set up his tripod on a footpath
    That was also a bicycle pathway over there down Sandgate way.
    See how easy it is to sound indiginous just by the words you use?
    Anyway have a jay we used to say back in the seventies in Redcliffe
    Sunny Queensland while there during old tick o' Jo's watch o' clock.
    Then on and into splatter Smart State Slogan on one Mr Peter Beatty.
    Sorry about that tangential digression away from the bike path's
    Crash test dummy test was run into by a cyclist ever so threatening
    Did punch up our poor photographer because he was in his way on
    The bike path come footpath, come camera tripod bit space on edge
    Of a piece of stream of consciousness, metaphysical, sort a' spiritual
    Kind o' venacular, type a' graphical, explanatory gap identity crisis
    Solution dissolved into where those soluble aspirins were taken after event
    So the case ends up being heard in the court as an assault charge whew
    Took a lot of work to get this far not so sure about its ending yet so far
    So good the whinge thread the needle on the horizontal gymnastic bar.
    In the morning very early sometimes walk the two k's to the local maccas.
    Footpaths usually wet and soggy from the dew and never a car rollin on
    The back blocks at such an early bird gets the worm sort of kind a hour.
    Present day seeds of hemp plants are extremely dangerous psychotics
    Not to be smoked by anyone who has any idea of just what all that is.
    66 active chemicals in hemp that once had in it the most powerful of
    Antipsychotics, but was bred out of, by the dutch to get a big fix THC hi!


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