Thursday, October 4, 2012

Wise Fool: Politics is Religious too

More correctly the language one uses is the religion one lives with. It is not so much about origin but about the ontological come teleological epistemology of orders, in magnitude of disorder, chaotically speaking or the observed a priori logical considerations lived with in the present as understood by the study of consciousness, metaphysics, psychology and spirituality in linguistics, family relationships,, tribalism and nationalism and all of that over divide and conquer strategies. A being in doing must speak in universally applicable terms otherwise called the abstract, much as the beginning of thesis must attempt to explain what the hypothesis attempts to prove or reprove. That hypotheses-is-er, then in order to be proved via the scientific method, must then, as the next step up the ladder of knowledge, frame an experiment to prove the theory true. One that is repeatable by remote parties to infinitely check the observations is best practice. I have no problems with the Baconian method especially his IDOLS of the cave, tribe, market and theatre. I expect few will understand that second sentence. You have about 1 in n chances of being the first to comprehend, that is understand what was meant. That is the hypothesis! The experiment is simple as. 1= n/N x N/n where N and n are two different numbers negative or positive or the linear number set of all the integers and their decimal fractions. One of you wits can try it with complex numbers if you like. I do not know how to do that job. Perhaps some of YOU do? Infinitely true and infinitely repeatable proof that ALL is ONE and ONE is ALL as a concept proof. Little we know of all the particulars that form that whole from the origin is also proved. We know little about the originator of the seed and the variables in the code that produces more seed. The only thing to be in fear of is that which you do not know. To ignore that which you do not know is foolishness in the extreme. As a sophomore one is little more than a wise fool. Every one of us is a relative in the same family tree. Two parents have all. Each parent owns a pair of parents all the way back to Noah, then to Adam and then to YHWH and his Angels first born of which was Michael, Seraphs and Cherubs the holy family up above. Then there is the subject of rebellion and some for an odd reason do not want US to know that, those people who claim to be religious. Politics is Religious too. Someone is telling you how and what to be and do. Let them divide and conquer that, I look forward to meeting you all in the resurrection of the righteous and unrighteous. Thanks for putting up me, all of you who took the time to listen. n-joy=peat<8<(1)>


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