Thursday, October 6, 2011

The Terrible Toos

Communist by definition is the people owning and operating their national system.

Capitalism by definition is the personal investors owning and operating their national system.

Anarchy by definition is no body owning and operating their national system.

Monarchy by definition is the king or queen owning and operating the national system.

So it is either the people, the wealthy, the no-bodies or the elites dear brothers.

Conservative by definition is the attitude of not desiring to fix a thing when it is working.

Liberal by definition is the attitude of desiring progress via replacement of old with new.

Progressive by definition is the attitude toward change that increases living standards.

Democratic by definition is the attitude of the people for the people ideologically.

Please discuss these definitions as they are just ideas that popped into my head.

I have put them here because their is good reason to have faith in the unknown.

The first list details who or which party owns the property and the right to use it.

The second list details the attitudes contained in each person or parties being.

In other words their is that which is called the productive land and then workers on it.

If you can find a flaw in this logic you are welcome to point out my flaw or error.

At the present hour is the problem of increasing members of the local populations.

As is the problem of concentration of them within confined boundaries of real estate.

Yet the contradiction exists in that the size of an economy is dependant on user numbers.

The more people who are members of a system the more laborious duty to perform.

Therefore it is of import and is a necessity to unionise the only problem is the controller.


P.S. Put yourself in the shoes of a mother who is looking after a stubborn two year old.

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